The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake was officially revealed at the Summer Games Fest 2022. The 2013 game’s AI, animations, and overall gameplay mechanics have already undergone significant improvements, according to Naughty Dog, who has worked hard to make it better in every way.

A crucial cutscene from the upcoming Last of Us 1 Remake is now shown in some new video first discovered on Twitter. We now advise people who do not want any spoilers to skip the clip provided below.


Various visual components in the video clip, such as the lighting, differ from the footage officially released. It has been speculated that the clip was from early access to the game in early development, which explains why such elements are missing.

According to Sony, The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake is a total revamp of the original game. It was developed when creators were not as constrained by technological limitations as when Last of Us 1 was first released. People are arguing whether or not the makeover is worthwhile given the following title’s $69.99 price tag, which is a substantial sum.

We have seen the improvements and comparisons from the original game previously, and there have also been several gameplay leaks that reveal what the finished product will look like.

Moreover, as we previously learned, The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake may not be aiming for 4K on the PlayStation 5, but rather 1440p. It was later revealed that the game would include two graphics modes. While the performance mode offers 60FPS at a dynamic 4K resolution, the quality mode operates in native 4K@30FPS. 

The PC version of the game is scheduled to release later this year. We can’t deny that the visuals are fantastic, and with it being released on PC as well, the PC players are in for a treat, despite the controversy over whether the remake was required.

The fact that it is also available for PC may be enough to ensure that it receives positive reviews since many PC gamers missed out on the wonder that was The Last of Us 1, which led them to purchase a PS4 to play the game or refrain from playing the title.

It will be fascinating to see if Naughty Dogs has justified the title, regardless of the 69$ price tag, when the game finally launches on September 2nd and how the community responds to it.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the launch? Will you purchase the upcoming Last of Us 1 Remake?

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