Meta Quest 3 Is Cheaper And Superior To Vision Pro, Says Mark Zuckerberg

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Meta Quest 3 Better In Most Ways!

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  • Mark Zuckerberg has tried the Apple Vision Pro.
  • He believes the Meta Quest 3 is the superior headset among the two.
  • The Meta CEO pointed to strengths like a more comfortable build, a wider FOV, and more.

The Apple Vision Pro recently hit the market. Apple’s take on this market has been pitched as a new revolution, ushering in a new age of mixed reality and interactivity. However, the Meta Quest 3 was also unveiled a few days before this headset.

Both headsets directly compete against each other, but Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has seemingly declared his company’s offering superior already.

Why it matters: The Meta Quest 3 starts at just $499, making it significantly less expensive than the Vision Pro. In the latter’s case, even the repairs can cost more than $500.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro At WWDC 2023

Mark Zuckerberg discussed his experience with the Apple headset in an Instagram reel.

He stated that his initial expectations did not see the result coming. The CEO expected Meta Quest 3 to offer better value, but he was surprised and concluded it was better in all aspects.

I think the Quest is the better product.

-Mark Zuckerberg

The headset is cheaper, offering a brighter screen and a wider field of view while weighing 120g less, making it more comfortable for prolonged usage. Mark Zuckerberg also acknowledged the strengths of Apple’s offering.

However, he stated that a few of the compromises in the Vision Pro were not the best decisions. This comparison becomes even more favorable for the Meta Quest 3 when factoring in price.

As Zuckerberg says, Meta’s headset is 7x less expensive. However, according to reports, a cheaper model of the Vision Pro with a downgraded CPU and display may debut in 2025.

The absence of Apple Vision Pro apps that utilize the technology was another area that Zuckerberg brought up. More apps are anticipated for visionOS over time, but Meta Quest has a bigger library for now.

The CEO of Meta admitted that the Vision Pro’s high-resolution display and eye-tracking sensors are very nice. However, this comes at the cost of the device’s ergonomics and comfort.

He also stated that Meta would bring back eye-tracking sensors for the upcoming Quest products.

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