Lies of P No Longer Has Denuvo On PC

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Might Be An Error From Devs & Publisher!

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  • Lies of P launched with Denuvo DRM.
  • The game’s latest update appears to have removed this anti-tamper technology.
  • Steam still lists Denuvo for the game, suggesting the removal was a mistake from Neowiz.

Lies of P was one of 2023’s most popular Souls-like titles amid the growth of this genre. With positive reviews and a familiar Lovecraftian aesthetic to Bloodborne, the game soared to new heights, partly thanks to its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass.

It was also among the few games to use Denuvo DRM. While the game ran well on PC, this DRM led to outrage since it was added quietly before launch. However, Neowiz seems to have removed the anti-tamper technology in a new update.

Why it matters: Denuvo has developed a poor reputation over the years, with many frowning upon its inclusion in new games.

Lies of P
Lies of P Adapted The Popular Tale of Pinocchio 

According to SteamDB, the latest version of the game does not include Denuvo. However, the Steam page still lists Denuvo for Lies of P, hinting that this may have been a mistake from Neowiz.

This happened on February 14, leaving the executable file of the game unprotected and open to hackers. As expected, the game has been opened up to piracy from groups eyeing this Souls-like since its launch.

It also remains to be seen whether Neowiz will implement Denuvo again. If this is indeed a mistake, the anti-tamper technology could be put in place again, but the damage has already been done.

Lies of P
Lies of P Was A Huge Hit In 2023

In the past, studios have shown a willingness to remove Denuvo after a certain amount of time. Therefore, this may have been planned by Neowiz already, but we can’t say much more until the publisher officially confirms or denies the rumors.

Denuvo is a pricey investment for publishers, so most studios are not keen on keeping it in place throughout a game’s lifespan.

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