Lenovo Legion Go Receives Huge Discount, Leading To Lowest Ever Price

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Great Option For Windows-Based Gaming Handheld!

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  • The Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld offers impressive specifications, including an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and Radeon 780M graphics.
  • Despite being heavier due to its detachable controllers, the Legion Go is praised for its solid construction and well-built controllers.
  • With a current price of $579.99 after a $120 discount, the Legion Go offers a compelling alternative to other gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck.

Thanks to Amazon, the Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld is selling at its lowest price.

With a $120 reduction in price from its $700 MSRP, you can currently purchase the 512GB model for just $579.99. This portable gaming PC also runs on Windows and shares specifications similar to those of the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme.

Why it matters: Gaming handhelds have gone through a major resurgence recently. In addition to Valve and Nintendo, new competitors like Lenovo and Asus have made a name for themselves in this market.

The Handheld Is A Great Deal At This Price

The Lenovo Legion Go has detachable controllers, similar to what the Nintendo Switch has to offer. However, compared to the competition, this gaming handheld is heavier due to its detachable construction.

The portable gaming handheld also features an 8.8-inch, 2560×1600 display that runs at a 144Hz refresh rate. The AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, which powers the Legion Go, has the same specifications as the ASUS ROG Ally Z1 Extreme.

Comparatively, the Steam Deck OLED starts at nearly the same price. However, Lenovo’s handheld is much better since it offers newer AMD hardware. Meanwhile, the Rog Ally Z1 Extreme variant can often be found for a similar price.

Therefore, the Lenovo Legion Go is one of the best options for this price point since the discount makes it competitive compared to other handhelds.

Overall, the Lenovo Legion Go can prove to be a solid handheld for those looking to take games on the go. While it may lack the software support of Valve’s Steam Deck, it can make up for these weaknesses with a larger 49Whr battery, a bigger screen, and more.

It also comes with an integrated kickstand. Lenovo seems to have done a solid job on the handheld, with the company making no compromises to build quality. All in all, it’s definitely worth a look for those wanting a shiny new handheld for the latest games.

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