Microsoft No Longer Working On Games For Last-Gen Xbox Consoles

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Finally Moved On From The Old Xbox One!

In a new interview, the Head of Xbox Games Studio stated that Microsoft has now officially stopped developing games for the decade-old Xbox One consoles and finally moved to the Series X|S.

Why It Matters: The news will disappoint last-gen users as their consoles will not get newer titles. However, this also means the new consoles will not be held back by the dated hardware.

Xbox Series S

Referring to the current generation of Xbox hardware, Matt Booty said: 

”We’ve moved on to Gen 9.”

Still, Microsoft will continue to work on the content of existing games like Minecraft for older consoles. Additionally, Matt Booty pointed out that older Xbox consoles can be used to play the latest Xbox Series X|S games via streaming. This is how Xbox will maintain support for last-gen consoles.

This is good news, as developers can finally focus on current-gen consoles, utilizing their full potential for newer titles. Previously, games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 were required to run on Xbox One, but this will no longer be the case for future titles.

The interview talks about internal studios, which means that studios outside Microsoft can still develop Xbox One games, but third-party games on last-gen hardware are also expected to slow down by next year.

Upcoming games like Fable, Avowed, and Forza Motorsport will not be released on the Xbox One consoles. Recent releases like Redfall also skipped last-gen consoles.

Compared to its predecessor, the Xbox One lasted longer. Games have been released on the platform for nearly a decade, but the hardware has started showing its age in recent games like Hogwarts Legacy.

Released in November 2013, the Xbox One had a rough launch. However, it was able to bounce back in subsequent years, thanks to innovations like Game Pass. The console also received a mid-generation upgrade, the Xbox One X, which offered much-needed hardware improvements.

Compared to the past couple of years, the shortage of current-gen consoles has finally ended, and they are now available for purchase in retail stores. For those on a budget, Microsoft offers a smaller and more affordable console at $299, the Xbox Series S.

Matt Bootty also assured users that Microsoft would not drop support for the Xbox Series S, despite claims that the console is holding back current-gen games.

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