Intel Arc New Drivers Provides Up To 2.3x Performance Boost In DX9 Titles

Intel Arc A770! The New Budget King GPU?

New drivers from Intel for their Arc graphics card lineup were just launched, promising massive gains in terms of performance for DX9 titles.

In the latest blog from Intel, the blue team has compared results matching the performance of previous and current drivers, including Arc Driver Suite V3490, launched in October, against the existing V3959 driver suite. The GPU that Intel used to demonstrate the performance gains is the Arc A770 which is a top-of-the-line graphics card from Intel based on the Alchemist architecture.

Intel conducted tests on many famous Esports titles, but the one that stands out is the performance in CSGO. The new Arc Driver Suite V3959 boosted the performance of the Intel Arc A770 up to 80% on 1080P resolution at High settings, while at 1440P on Ultra, the Intel Arc A770 saw a performance boost of 77%.  

Furthermore, Intel also states that it’s committed to bringing further improvement and optimizations for its Arc series. 

While in a tweet, Raja Koduri said that there is even more ahead in the future. Intel Arc had a slow start at launch mainly because of the collapse of the mining boom, which provided users with many options aside from Intel, like Nvidia and AMD.

Aside from that, the unstable drivers of Arc have also kept many users away from Intel, including low performance on DX9 and DX11 titles.

Intel Arc is a new architecture from a company with no prior experience with manufacturing dedicated graphics cards, so it’s not a surprise that there are entirely few bugs in its software. Anyone who invested in Intel Arc was a beta tester for Intel. But the blue team is finally on track to bring much-needed improvements to Arc.

What are your thoughts on Intel Arc A770 with new drivers?

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