Intel Arrow Lake Reportedly Up To 23% Faster Compared To Raptor Lake Refresh

Expected To Arrive In 2024!

Intel is set to launch two new lineups of processors competing in the race for being the fastest. This will include the Raptor Lake refresh, which is expected to launch this year in October, while the next-generation Arrow Lake will arrive in 2024.

Igor’sLab has reportedly got his hands on performance projection slides from Intel, giving a rough idea about the performance of these new chips. While these performance slides may not represent the final product, they provide a rough estimate from Intel.

The performance slides from Intel use the Core i9 13900K as a benchmark to demonstrate the performance of Raptor Lake refresh and Arrow Lake. To make a fair comparison, Intel has limited the PL1 and PL2 to 250W on Arrow Lake and 253W for Raport Lake.

The slides also show a comparison between chips similar to the Core i9 13900K and equipped with 8 performance and 16 efficient cores. According to the data, the upcoming Raptor Lake refresh will bring a slight 1-3% improvement over its predecessor.

This should not be surprising as Raptor Lake refresh uses the same architecture with a slight bump in frequency. On the other hand, Arrow Lake is built on an entirely new architecture offering a significant performance bump.

According to the performance charts, Intel Arrow Lake is up to 21% faster than the current generation Raptor Lake Core i9 13900K and offers an uplift in multi-threaded performance.

However, the best part about Arrow Lake is its performance bump in integrated graphics. With integrated Xe-LPG iGPU based on Alchemist, it is expected to offer up to a 240% uplift in performance compared to Raptor Lake.

This could pave the path for gaming handhelds based on Intel hardware. Igor’sLab has much more to share about the upcoming architecture from Intel, which will be covered another time.

This includes a new LGA 1851 socket and a different Z-height. Therefore, current Intel coolers will not be compatible with LGA 1851 sockets without new mounting hardware.

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