I’m Really Looking Forward to These GPUs in 2024

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2024 Graphics Cards Wishlist: The GPUs I’m Most Excited About

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  • Nvidia’s Blackwell cards might not provide a significant performance uplift.
  • AMD is likely to stay away from the flagship segment with RDNA 4.
  • Intel will target competitors’ mid-range cards with better driver support at launch.

Until now, we have seen many graphics cards coming out of both NVIDIA and AMD. Needless to say, not all releases were a hit; we witnessed some great GPUs from both brands alongside some disasters, such as the RTX 4060, which offers little to no improvement over its predecessor while costing considerably more. 

However, things are about to take a turn as rumors and leaks about the launch of the next generation of graphics cards from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are about to become true. This is due to the official confirmation from all three GPU brands that they will soon be launching their next-generation graphics cards. Personally, I am excited to see what all three manufacturers have in store for us this time around.

Nvidia’s Blackwell Graphics Cards (RTX 5000 series)

Early reports indicated that the next generation of Nvidia GPUs, mainly the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080, would be available to consumers by early 2025, followed by other affordable offerings later on. However, the latest leaks and actions from Nvidia suggest otherwise, hinting towards a Q3’24 or Q4’24 release window for the two flagship models. This leak comes from a well-reputed leaker, Moore’s Law Is Dead, who has been providing authentic leaks for a good while now. 

(Image credit: Nvidia)
                                                                     (Image Credit: Nvidia)

Besides him, Nvidia launching its Blackwell Data Center GPU in March also gives us hope because, for the past two generations, Nvidia has been launching consumer GPUs after around six months of launching its Data Center GPUs into the market. 

Given that, I’m expecting them to continue using this pattern of releasing their next generation of graphics. Nvidia has already impressed me with the efficiency and performance of its RTX 40-series graphics cards, and I honestly can’t wait to see where this goes in the upcoming generation.

Intel Battlemage Graphics Cards

Intel came out of nowhere and established a name for itself in the graphics card manufacturing space. Not to forget, the start wasn’t as smooth as intended due to poor driver support. However, with consistent hard work, Intel GPUs are now one of the best-selling budget graphics cards on the market.

One of the reasons why I’m looking forward to Intel’s next generation of graphics cards. As Tom Petersen himself said in an interview with PCWorld, the Intel Battlemage graphics cards are pretty much done, and 30% of the team engineers are handling the driver side. Another rumor says that their flagship model will try to replicate RTX 4070-like performance. 

(Image Credit: Intel)
                                                                      (Image Credit: Intel)

Moreover, the recent shipping documentation that was shared by the hardware leaker @momomo_us also advocates that the Battlemage graphics cards are indeed in their final stages. Do note, though, that the shipment wasn’t for consumers but for R&D purposes. Since Intel has only launched one generation of graphics cards, I’m not sure if the same naming scheme will be followed by them, like Nvidia and AMD. Currently, I am looking at their Computex presentation to get some official confirmation, which is in June.

AMD RDNA 4 Graphics Cards (RX 8000 series)

Unlike Nvidia, AMD has to deal with two things simultaneously, as they make CPUs and GPUs. Needless to say, I’m a fan of both, as AMD’s approach towards consumers is a little different from that of Nvidia. Which always prioritizes launching the best products into the market and being the benchmark for everyone.

The release of the RDNA 4 graphics cards is expected towards the end of 2024, given the rumors surrounding the Zen 5 CPUs, which indicate their imminent arrival in the coming months. So, it’s safe to assume the old release pattern will be followed here as well. The speculation of a late 2024 launch is also backed by numerous leakers; the most prominent one is Moore’s Law Is Dead

(Image Credit: Tech4Gamers)
                                                                  (Image Credit: Tech4Gamers)

He also shared that, according to his sources from inside AMD, we will not be seeing flagship models to compete with RTX 5090 this generation. AMD is planning to target the mid-range segment with its Navi 48 GPU, which will most probably be named RX 8800 XT. This will not be the first time AMD has skipped flagship competition, as we’ve already seen them do this with Polaris and the RDNA 1 series. I’m hooked on finding out what AMD is thinking about pleasing its customers in this generation.

Looking Forward

All the leaks have got me a little too excited about the upcoming GPUs. Since we’re going to witness some notable changes in competition and offerings, so, let’s see where things go this generation.

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