I Never Care About Looks Or RGBs When It Comes To Case Fans

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Visually appealing case fans seem unnecessary.

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  • I’ve never been a fan of any visual elements or RGB lighting on case fans.
  • Apart from costing a bit more than non-RGB variants, RGB fans also make cable management a bit more difficult.
  • When it comes to case fans, I’ve always focused on performance over aesthetics to get the most out of my system. 

RGB lighting or visual elements on case fans have become a lot more common in 2024. Every brand seems to offer two variants of every case fan, one with visual inclusions and one without them; however, personally, I’ve never cared about looks or any RGB elements for case fans; here’s why:

The Same Performance, Without The Visual Flair

Despite the long-running meme, RGB lighting, or any visual element for that matter, won’t grant you added performance. To me, that simply makes RGB fans a worse value proposition when compared to non-RGB variants.

Thermaltake View 51
Thermaltake View 51 Snow Edition (Image By Tech4Gamers)

When it comes to case fans, instead of spending more to get a more visually appealing fan, I try to opt for the best-performing ones. That’s also one of the reasons why Noctua’s NF-A12x25 fans stand out as an enticing option to me. 

Not to mention that controllers, which you might utilize to manage all of the RGB, can also be quite expensive. For instance, the Corsair iCUE COMMANDER CORE XT by itself, can cost $50, which is quite pricey for something that adds little to no functionality. The same can also be said for other visual modifications, such as the HALOS RGB fan frames from Phantek.

RGB Controller Price
RGB Controller Price (Newegg)

Even if you don’t intend on getting better-performing fans, saving a bit by opting for standard fans will allow you to invest more in components that actually affect functionality. 

And unless you are working with a tempered fully tempered glass case, the visual appearance of your fans isn’t going to make a lot of difference to the overall aesthetics of your entire build either.

RGB Fans Are A Hassle

Case fans (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Managing all of your RGB fans can actually be a hassle in a lot of cases. You might not be able to sync your fans with the rest of your system, and unless you have daisy-chainable fans, you are going to have to manage a lot of wires, which will make cable management a lot worse.

You’ll also have to ensure your motherboard has enough headers to support all of your case fans. What’s more, if you are using RGB fans from different manufacturers, syncing them together using a single software might cause issues.

The problems with installing multiple RGB software combined with the cluttered cables have led me to believe that going with no RGB case fans is always going to be the better option. Sure, workarounds exist for every problem you’ll encounter; however, going through these workarounds is just additional work that you can otherwise avoid by opting for non-RGB fans.

An Unnecessary Addition

Between additional fan frames or RGB lighting, visual modifications for case fans seem a bit unnecessary to me. RGB fans, specifically, can also drive up the cost of the build while also adding a lot more cables to your system. In my opinion, going for standard fans that impact performance and airflow will always be the better option.

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