How Forced Accessibility Is Ruining Mobile Legends

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Reducing the skill ceilings destroys both veteran dedication and game balance

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  • Wanwan, a high-skill marksman, was nerfed till unplayable after her ultimate activation requirement became easier.
  • This trend of simplifying heroes also applies to new assassins like Yin and Nolan, who offer high rewards with low skill needed.
  • These changes and the potential removal of mana for non-magic heroes are potentially ruining Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is perhaps the most popular mobile MOBA, and for good reason. The game’s been in a genre without many competitors for the last decade. It’s made itself a solid fanbase, and the game’s always trying to invite more players.

This open-arms approach has led to a lot of questionable accessibility decisions to promote the game to a more casual audience. Here’s how lowering champion difficulties is potentially ruining Mobile Legends.

Wanwan’s Dashing Downfall

Wanwan splash art
Wanwan – Splash Art (Captured by Tech4Gamers)

Wanwan is the first problem that comes to mind. She’s supposed to be a carry that highly rewards skill expression, allowing you to carry any team fight by yourself if you manage to activate her ultimate. On release, this was fine. Originally, the condition for unlocking her ultimate was proccing 4 directional vital points, not 3.

This was an extremely difficult condition, but it made sense with such a game-changing ultimate. She saw a high pick rate in pro play despite her shorter range and was popular among higher ranks. The problem was that for people unwilling to put in the effort to learn her, they’d go through multiple matches without ever using her ultimate.

YouTube video

Moonton addressed this quite poorly by reducing the number of vital points from 4 to 3. While this may seem minor at first, this let Wanwan immediately activate her ultimate and end the enemy team. Since that change, Wanwan has seen neverending nerfs. She’s had her dashes, attack speed, and range nerfed.

Perhaps the biggest change was that she can no longer proc vitals on a hero and then ult another, stopping her intimidating tanks. Her pickrate has been the lowest of any marksmen since.

Assassins With Training Wheels

Yin cinematic
screencap from the A Tug of War cinematic

Learning quick combos and figuring out how to best get into a fight and then get out without getting skilled in real-time is my favorite part of any game. I believe most assassins need to have at least some level of skill required to be effective with them. Even a lock-on instant death sentence like Saber can be countered very easily by the Purify battle spell.

Yin, and later Nolan, go against this completely. Yin’s entire kit seems to go against what it means to be a Jungler. His ultimate that locks himself and an enemy in another realm, much like Mordekaiser’s, actively stops him from getting objectives.

Yin - ingame model
Yin – ingame model (Captured by Tech4Gamers)

Furthermore, the ability to dash to an enemy and then exit both yourself and a target enemy immediately from battle without any skill requirement is bothersome. It makes extremely selfish players dive in 1v5, get a kill, and then die. This inflates the player’s ego while actively stopping them from improving in the role.

Unlimited Dashes, For Free!

YouTube video

Nolan has a similar problem. On paper he seems like the perfect assassin, having huge burst damage and extreme mobility. Nolan lets you experience the cool moments that come with being good with an assassin, without being good at an assassin.

Unlike Lancelot, you don’t have to constantly hit a new enemy to be able to dash again and again. Even Joy or Benedetta require some effort to be mobile, and a bad player can be punished severely for any mistakes. Nolan, instead, has a dash with an uncondtionally low cooldown.

Only Magicians Need Mana, Right?

Harley Splash Art (Captured by Tech4Gamers)

My biggest concern is the upcoming change to the Mana system ruining Mobile Legends. Moonton has announced that they’ll be removing Mana entirely from heroes that don’t use magic. While this makes sense lore-wise, it’s bound to break the game in more ways than I can count.

Off the top of my head, Claude can spam his first skill to always be at full stacks. Terizla, with his high early-game damage and spell vamp, would be unbeatable in lane. Natalia wouldn’t have to rush Endless Battle and could build Blade of Heptaseas to increase her early game burst.

Unlimited stacks for unlimited speed (Captured by Tech4Gamers)

It’ll be a dumpster fire of an update if it goes through, and I really hope Moonton rethinks its decisions. If it does go through, though, expect to see me maining Claude for the next few patches.

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