Hellblade 2 Reviews Will Go Live Just 1 Hour Before Release

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Concerning Review Embargo From Xbox?

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  • It has been revealed that the Hellblade 2 review embargo will be lifted an hour before launch. 
  • Some fans have taken this as a lack of confidence on Xbox’s part.
  • The pre-load for Hellblade 2 is now available on PCs and Xbox consoles.

With just under a week left till Hellblade 2 officially releases, it has been revealed that the review embargo for the title will lift an hour before the official release. This means we must wait until the last hour to learn how the game plays.

Why it matters: Reviews for big releases typically go live a few days in advance, as the positivity can help developers reach broader audiences and entice more consumers to purchase their releases.

Hellblade 2
Hellblade 2 Promises Best-in-Class Visuals And Great Storytelling

While Ninja Theory seems quite confident so far, launching the reviews this late could also be a worrying sign.

Fans have speculated that this could be a move to lower the damage from any potential negative reviews before release. Still, this may be a non-issue because early previews have been nothing but positive.

On the positive side, the late reviews will help Ninja Theory avoid story spoilers. Spoilers could be a big problem for Hellblade 2, especially when the game is so centered around the plot and storytelling.

Hellblade 2
Hellblade 2 Can Now Be Downloaded on Consoles And PC

Considering that Hellblade 2 is also a Game Pass title, a large part of Xbox’s fanbase is guaranteed to at least try the game. However, the late reviews may impact sales after an already disappointing pre-release result on Steam.

Anyhow, the pre-load for Hellblade 2 is now live. It is available for both PC and Xbox players. The install size on PC via the Xbox Store comes in at about 38.52 GB, and we are looking at about 47.76 GB on Xbox consoles.

The size on the Xbox Series S is not yet known. 

The file size is quite comparable to most modern releases, though it’s on the smaller end. This makes sense for a shorter game with an experience lasting about 6-8 hours

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