Hellblade 2 Dev Says Fans Actually Like Shorter Games

Hellblade 2 Story Lasts 6-8 Hours!

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  • Hellblade 2 received criticism for being similar in length to its predecessor.
  • Ninja Theory has addressed the feedback, stating that its fans still enjoy shorter games.
  • The developer is hoping to offer a more focused experience.

To everyone’s surprise, Xbox and Ninja Theory have suddenly returned with loads of new information on Hellblade 2 today. Following the Developer Direct in January, this team went quiet.

However, with new previews, Ninja Theory has impressed audiences yet again. The team has also addressed the 6-8 hours runtime of Hellblade 2, stating that its fans do not mind shorter games.

Why it matters: The industry is demanding longer games due to the shift toward $70 pricing. However, Ninja Theory’s latest release is a cheaper digital-only launch.

Hellblade 2
Hellblade 2 Looks Stunning Yet Again In New Footage

Speaking to IGN, Ninja Theory’s Dom Matthews discussed how the team landed on the perfect length for this cinematic narrative.

According to the studio head, Hellblade 2 is the right size. In an era where teams are constantly pushing for bigger games, this developer has decided to dial back and offer a more focused experience.

Matthews states that the length does not dictate the game’s narrative. Ninja Theory took the opposite approach and was satisfied with the story being limited to around 6-8 hours. The team did not prolong the experience to avoid harming the overall vision.

He went on to hint that Ninja Theory’s fans are already familiar with the developer’s history. Therefore, they were not too shocked with this length.

I think our fans enjoy a shorter game.

-Dom Matthews

According to the studio head, much like an audience exists for massive RPGs and open worlds, a subset of the gaming industry enjoys shorter games. Hellblade 2 aims to target such people.

YouTube video

Recent previews have shown the game in an excellent light.

Ninja Theory’s decision to keep the scope similar to the first game has enabled the team to create a vastly superior experience. Each nook and cranny is brimming with detail, adding to the goal of unparalleled immersion.

Hellblade 2 swings onto Xbox Series S|X systems next month. Expectations for the game are even higher than before, with previews hinting that this will be the big first-party title Microsoft always needed for this generation.

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