GTA 6 Allegedly Skipping Dedicated Servers For Online Mode

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GTA 6 Online Severs Could Disappoint Fans!

The first gameplay footage of GTA 6 was leaked last year, giving fans a small look at Rockstar’s most ambitious title to date. Not much else is known about the game, but fans have been curious to learn the smallest details about GTA 6.

A recent leak provides more information about Rockstar’s plans for the game’s online mode. According to the leak, GTA 6 will not include dedicated servers for online play.

Why It Matters: Multiplayer has been an integral part of GTA 5, keeping players engaged with the game for almost 10 years since its release. However, the lack of dedicated servers has been a significant complaint.

GTA 6 Dedicated Servers
Source: GTAforums

This rumor came from a user named Tez2, who posted on GTA forums. According to Tez2, Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, rejected a proposal for dedicated servers in GTA 6 years ago due to cost-prohibitive considerations.

For those who are not familiar, dedicated servers are used to host multiplayer sessions in games. In GTA Online, however, peer-to-peer connections are used in multiplayer sessions, directly connecting players.

Peer-to-peer connections in multiplayer games can result in an underwhelming experience, especially for a game like GTA. This can cause delays in real-time events happening in the game for users, such as explosions.

As such, the news that GTA 6 will also not include dedicated servers may come as a disappointment for fans.

Fans of GTA Online were expecting dedicated servers for GTA 6 since the Take-Two CEO previously stated that Rockstar was aiming for perfection with the game, which appears contradictory to the rumor.

In a game as massive as GTA, players naturally anticipate top-notch features. However, it is disappointing to learn that the game may lack dedicated servers for online play, which has become an integral aspect of the overall GTA experience.

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