GPU Sales Fall By 53%, Hitting All-Time Low For 2023 In Germany

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Discrete GPU Sales Plummet to Historic Lows!

Today if we want to update our computer or buy a new PC, the price will be quite high. We are not talking about a small update from 8 to 16 GB of RAM but about a change of processor or, worse, a change of graphics, which can be very expensive.

In fact, due to aggressive pricing, few graphics cards are currently being sold, as sales have now hit a new low in 2023.

If your PC is a few years old, it probably has difficulty playing the latest video games. Exceptions like Atomic Heart work pretty well with modest hardware, but other titles like Hogwarts Legacy, Last of Us, or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are going to ask for much more. 

Graphics Cards sale

In this 20th week of 2023, GPU sales have fallen again, and the minimum for this year has been reached. Thus, only 2,105 graphics sold in a week in the MindFactory store. 

These are divided into 44.2% AMD GPUs, 54.9% NVIDIA, and 0.9% Intel. Sales revenue of 1.51 million dollars has been generated since AMD’s average sale price has been lower than NVIDIA’s In the German Market.

GPU 2023 AMD NVIDIA best selling

Interestingly, when we looked at sales for the previous week, AMD was leading with 52.6% to NVIDIA’s 46.6%, and now we see that the lead has reversed. What hasn’t changed is that Germans are willing to pay an average of more than 800 for an NVIDIA graphics card.

Regarding 8GB, the first 8 GB that we find is the RX 6600, and we would have to go down to the twelfth position to find another with the same amount of VRAM, the RTX 3070 Ti. German users seem to avoid 8 GB GPUs whenever possible so high VRAM game consumption could be the cause.

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