For Honor Is Long Overdue For A Sequel

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One Of The Most Underrated Games Out There!

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  • Aside from Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor is one of the longest-supported Ubisoft live service releases, having recently completed its 8th anniversary.
  • Despite its promises, the title suffered from a rough launch and immediately tanked afterwards.
  • Ubisoft continued to put out content, making For Honor an enjoyable experience that could benefit from another entry.

Live-service games are usually a gamble for publishers and rarely pay off. However, when they do, they become an immediate cash cow. Ubisoft’s recent luck with live-service releases hasn’t been great, but the publisher has put out some of the best live-service titles in the past decade.

When mentioning Ubisoft and live service in the same sentence, one would think I’d be referring to Rainbow Six Seige, but not necessarily. A year after the release of Rainbow Six Seige, the studio put out For Honor, which is, to date, one of the most unique fighting games of all time.

The game still has a loyal fanbase to this date; however, it is overdue for a sequel, considering the untapped potential of this IP. A sequel would probably prove to be a huge success for the publisher.

Why it matters: For Honor is a hidden gem that deserves love and appreciation. It is also one of this developer’s longest-supported live service releases, but a sequel is much needed.

A Rocky Ride

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For Honor was initially one of the most anticipated titles and had one of the most unique concepts. One could even say that it was Ubisoft’s take on Dark Souls-style combat.

The title immediately showed promise, thanks to different classes, gameplay depth, and a decent competitive element. It also had a proper marketing rollout, with massive stars like Jason Momoa from Aquaman brought in to create buzz before the launch.

However, the launch was far from perfect—connectivity issues, a massive number of bugs, and balancing problems riddled this ambitious project. For Honor also had a competitive e-sports aspect to it.

Unfortunately, this was short-lived since a player used an exploit to win $10K in a tournament.

Ubisoft’s Long Journey To Fix The Game

For Honor
For Honor’s Full Potential Remains Untapped

Despite the initial setbacks, Ubisoft didn’t give up. The publisher stuck with For Honor and even added a bug report site for players to discuss bugs they encountered.

With feedback from the community, many changes were made to the title, which balanced out things, brought in technical improvements, and more. Even the core gameplay mechanics were updated to refine how matches played out.

In its early years, the game received a lot of new content, including new modes, maps, and characters for each faction. Seasonal awards were also a big factor in helping the player base stick to the title.

The title even became free to claim for a short period in 2018, which helped many newer players get into the series.

Everything Great About For Honor

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The gameplay is For Honor’s biggest strength. With various classes, ranging from heavy characters to more agile heroes, there is plenty of variety in the roster.

The combat is also genuinely satisfying, though it comes with a steep learning curve. The basic loop of light attacks, heavy attacks, guard breaks, and stamina management may seem simple at first, but there’s a lot to explore in the system.

For instance, various heroes bring unique attacks. You can also attack in three directions, and opponents need to match this direction when guarding. Furthermore, dodging can differ based on the characters.

When you start to mix in throws, guard breaks, and zoning attacks, the combat system shines. Throw in the numerous characters that For Honor now houses, and you have a game with a lot of depth.

The modes are also quite fun to experiment with. I really enjoyed the 1v1 and 2v2 modes since the former offered a classic fighting game-like experience, while the latter made teamwork a viable strategy.

What Does The Future Hold?

For Honor
For Honor Deserves Better Treatment

For Honor’s future is unknown. There is no telling what Ubisoft may do, but I think the current popularity of live-service gaming makes a strong case for a sequel.

The publisher has gone all in on Assassin’s Creed after facing various setbacks recently. Revisiting the IP could add more variety to its lineup, especially after Skull and Bones was considered disappointing as a live-service offering by many fans.

If there’s any Ubisoft IP that deserves a sequel, it’s For Honor. The game suffered from a stroke of bad luck, but let’s be honest for a minute: it has the potential to be so much bigger.

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