All the Ways to Level Up Your Hero in Final Fantasy 14

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  • There are multiple methods to level up in Final Fantasy 14.
  • Apart from missions, raids, and grinding, players can pay for a boosting service.
  • A great service like Skycoach guarantees account security.

Hero progression is key to your experience in Final Fantasy 14. To ensure a smooth playthrough, discover everything this MMORPG has to offer, and stay competitive with other players, your characters must be ready to face all challenges.

Leveling your characters can be as easy as completing training missions and quests or completing raids. Alternatively, you can resort to paying for a quick FFXiV boost. Here are a few tips to ensure your hero is always ready to face any challenges Final Fantasy 14 throws your way.


The most important route to XP, quests are typically designed for everybody, from veterans to newcomers to the MMORPG genre. Complete major story missions and fulfill tasks like destroying monsters or delivering messages to rack up points in these quests.

According to Square Enix, completing Final Fantasy 14’s quests can take as much as 100 hours. By then, you should have accumulated large amounts of experience, various weapons, equipment, and more.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14 Evolves As A Game With Each New Update


When you’re not completing quests, consider dedicating your time to the grind. This involves finding challenging areas based on your level and hunting for loot/XP. The best part about grinding is that you can bring a friend along to make it more engaging.

Bounties can also be shared with a group.


The FATE mechanic will also come in handy. During certain instances, players must act quickly for spontaneous XP boosts. This mechanic involves random monster invasions across the map.

Players can challenge the monsters for loads of XP and Gil. However, you might want to consider the competition and your level before deciding to jump into one of these events.

Final Fantasy 14
Raids Are A Fan-Favorite Activity In Final Fantasy 14


The Final Fantasy raids involve three bosses, with players destroying them step by step. These bosses follow waves of enemies, testing your skills and tactics. Once beaten, a raid will provide powerful equipment and weapons.

Focus on using your team’s roles smartly during raids. For example, a tank would be best suited in the middle, pulling fire away from the rest of the team as they attack from the sidelines.

Raids also become more difficult as the game progresses, but careful planning almost always ensures victory.


While the aforementioned tips require a fair bit of commitment and time, you can always rely on boosting.

This involves paying an expert or professional player to do the hard work. A reliable boosting service will guarantee the safety of all existing items and compensation in case something is damaged or lost.

In the meantime, you can relax and do anything else. For those who pick Skycoach, your character will grow in front of you, and you will even get to count new trophies left behind by the booster as a bonus.

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