Fans Continue To Demand Sleeping Dogs 2 To This Day

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Fans Still Waiting Over A Decade Later!

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  • Sleeping Dogs was released over 12 years ago.
  • Despite the positive reception, a sequel for this game never saw the light of the day.
  • More than ten years later, fans are still curious about a potential second entry.

Sleeping Dogs is already over a decade old. Released in 2012, this game served as an alternate take on the GTA formula, offering a glorious open world and incredibly satisfying combat in Hong Kong.

Despite its many positives, the game never received a sequel. It was deemed a commercial disappointment for Square Enix, but fans are still adamant that a sequel needs to happen all these years later.

Why it matters: As an open-world game, Sleeping Dogs might not have lived up to Rockstar’s GTA series, but it was ahead of its time.

do u think there are any chances we can get Sleeping Dogs 2? I think the game is highly repetitive and have amazing gameplay and story. It deserve a sequel
byu/TheChipmunks_Simon insleepingdogs

Recently, one player who ended Sleeping Dogs made a Reddit thread asking fans about the possibility of a sequel. The Redditor pointed to amazing gameplay and story that captivated him, motivating him to make a thread about his experience. He said:

“It deserve a sequel.”

Others were quick to agree in the comments, appreciating the game due to its mechanics and replayability. One fan commented:

“That would be a dream come true, but I don’t see it happening sadly.”

They pointed out that this is unlikely to happen since the developers went bankrupt after this release and were later shut down. Therefore, Sleeping Dogs 2 has next to no chance of happening anytime soon.

However, some fans are still hopeful that the franchise will return if another publisher buys the rights of the IP to develop a sequel. Over a decade after this release, Square Enix has shown little interest in revisiting its Western franchises.

Still, with the publisher giving up IPs like Deus Ex and Tomb Raider, it would be all ears for anybody interested in buying the rights to Square Enix. Perhaps Embracer Group could consider the IP for its growing collection.

Sleeping Dogs featured

We have also enjoyed our time with the densely populated streets of Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs. Its open-world experience holds up quite well to this day, making it worth revisiting even if a second game never shows up.

The best way to play Sleeping Dogs today is through the definitive edition. Not only does this version of the game offer better graphics, but it also packs all the DLC content for a complete experience.

Despite the disappointing reality, fans remain convinced that Sleeping Dogs has too much untapped potential to be wasted. Many believed it had the qualities to become the next best open-world series after Grand Theft Auto.

With more refinement and polish, a sequel could have made a massive name for the series in the industry. While it may never come to fruition, fans aren’t ready to give up hope just yet.

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