Esports And Pro-Gaming: The Rise of Competitive Gaming

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Esports: From Niche to Stadiums a global phenomenon.

Story Highlights
  • Esports is now a global phenomenon entertaining people worldwide.
  • Despite its challenges, the esports industry continues to grow.
  • Many esports’ scholarships, beginner tournaments, and mentorship programs are being launched to support interested players.
  • After learning they can earn from playing their favorite titles, many people take up gaming as a main job.

Esports has grown from a small industry to a global giant with millions of people taking to the esports industry worldwide. The sector now occupies a prominent position in the market with a net value of over $1.8 billion. The esports industry now extends an open invitation to players and spectators to join in on the fun. Players interested in joining the esports industry must acquire a certain set of skills and strategy building.

Boom of The Esports Industry

In the past few years, the industry has expanded like crazy with over 223 million players back in 2020. Esports is no longer confined to local LAN parties or dark basements. The industry has slowly come out of the shadows and is now one of the biggest industries holding esports tournaments, attracting the attention of millions of people.

The high levels of competition between players and the strive to grow and become a global esports celeb have killed the fun of casual multiplayer. The growth of platforms such as YouTube Gaming, Discord, Twitch, etc has allowed esports to be consumed in a whole new way. Major growth in the industry occurred in the recent Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 where to pass the time millions of people made gaming a hobby. 

International Esports Tournament – image Credits (BBC News)

Saturation Of Esports Industry

Esports has become a good career option for players, coaches, and content creators. With this rise, however, comes saturation. Each player strives for perfection and a title at the top of the industry and to most winning is all they care about. Becoming a pro has challenges demanding great skill, dedication, perseverance, and luck.

For many players trying to excel and meet expectations laid by themselves and others may seem very hard. Other than this there lies great competition between players. As a result, thousands of players also give up in between. 

To deal with saturation the esports industry has begun to allow selective players to join players are now selected by measuring skill levels and strategy building. The industry offers scholarship programs, mentorship and coaching, grassroots tournaments, and developmental leagues for new players.

With many titles such as League of Legends, counter-strike, Valorant, Tekken 7, and Fortnite more and more players are attracted to the industry allowing it to expand exponentially. The winners of the competitive gaming circuits are also awarded hefty prizes and global recognition making the industry seem very attractive.

A Constantly Growing industry

Despite all its challenges Esports continues to grow and remains a testament to the potential in the gaming industry. Technological progress and the growing demand for gaming in mainstream entertainment have shifted the interest of many towards esports. The esports industry now rivals traditional sports events in terms of viewership and generating revenue.

Playing With Friends
Playing With Friends – Image Credits (Valor Esports)

Many reports also suggest that esports is now ahead of many traditional games such as basketball, tennis, squash, etc. This growth has attracted many investors from major brands leading to sponsorship deals for tournaments and more. 

The rise of new gaming technologies such as Virtual reality gaming and cloud gaming has allowed for many new possibilities. These technologies enhance the gaming experience and make gaming more immersive and innovative. As a result, the boundaries of what was achievable within the esports industry continue to expand.

What I Believe Will Happen

It is quite obvious that at the rate the industry is growing in the next few years gaming will become a major thing. The potential is limitless and continues to inspire the new generation. As more and more gaming titles are introduced people continue to flood in. If the industry continues to expand it will likely be bigger than cricket and football someday.

Granted the over-saturation of the industry and intense competition may make most players back off. However, the point still stands that the industry is only just beginning to spread its wings. If let flourish and if properly financed the industry can generate millions of dollars annually

In the future, proper esports events may be seen. People will be gathering to enjoy their favorite Pro-gamers play their favorite games and showcase their skills. 

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