ENERMAX Unleashes LIQMAXFLO AIO Series Paired With VRM Fan

First Enermax AIO With VRM Fan!

[Press Release] Now more than ever, there is a demand for coolers that can keep the best CPUs on the market running at cool temperatures without significant loss in performance. This is where the ENERMAX LIQMAXFLO series comes in.

As the company’s first AIO with a VRM fan, it runs nearly silent while delivering the performance ENERMAX consumers have come to expect. This silent operation is made possible by intelligent PWM functionality between the VRM fan, radiator, and pump.


Incorporating the new Silent Flow PWM fans, ENERMAX LIQMAXFLO coolers deliver absolute silence, peaking at noise levels of 23.46 dB. While it remains silent, the 60mm VRM fan helps the water block cool the most demanding CPUs on the market with ease through enhanced air circulation.

ENERMAX has also included an element of customization, allowing PC builders to change the logo’s orientation by 90°. A removable pump cover adds further customization, with the company promising more pump covers in the future.

The ENERMAX LIQMAXFLO boasts the use of the Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump from the company, delivering an immediate reduction in temperatures when used below 250W. Compared to last-generation offerings, the new pump instantly cuts temperatures by 8° in such scenarios.

ENERMAX credits its Shunt-Channel technology alongside an optimized design for this performance. These innovations come together to deliver a 30% higher pump pressure and a 20% uplift to the rate of coolant flow.

A 38mm radiator also makes the ENERMAX LIQMAXFLO superior to traditional radiators with 27mm designs, which is further complemented by variants ranging from 240mm to 420mm sizes.

If this wasn’t impressive enough already, the company has planned ahead, shipping the AIO with a 100-ml coolant bottle, which can be used to refill the coolant through the easily accessible refill port.

ENERMAX is also catering to budget consumers through the LIQMAXFLO SR series. This is the entry-level variant of the AIO, offering radiators sized between 120mm and 360mm. Compared to the 38mm thickness of the more expensive variant, this model will come with a 27mm design.

With a complete feature set, next-generation cooling tech, and unparalleled silence, the latest AIO coolers are a compelling purchase for modern CPUs. The LIQMAXFLO series is now on sale, and consumers can head to the official website to pick it up.

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