According to reports, several clips from Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s alpha phase, were leaked about a month ago. However, recently leaked footage provides more insights on the Alpha version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human from 2020.

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2, Credits: Techland

After more than four years of anticipation, Dying Light 2 is finally here. The game has had a bumpy ride over that period, with many delays and critical people leaving the project and claims that there were troubles within the studio due to bad management and a lack of direction.

Initially, Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s alpha phase footage was already leaked on Imgur, which consisted of clips showcasing various elements.

One of the clips appears to be a demonstration of the Active Landing ability. Aiden seems in what appears to be Old Villedor, jumping from a roof and landing badly, before entering an early version of the skill tree and apparently donning Active Landing, as he after that lands without difficulty. The HUD looks very different from the finished game, with yellow arrows in the player’s field of view, maybe indicating opponent awareness.

Aiden can be seen swimming in a similar region to the dam from the last game. The video appears to be a demonstration of underwater swimming. In the last clip, Aiden drops from the building in a loop, which depicts the same region as the first. Although none of the films is very enlightening, they provide a nice glimpse into Dying Light 2 when it was developed.

However, some more footage was leaked by a YouTuber called Noviex, which was then posted on Reddit by a user.

YouTube video

We now have a clearer idea of what Dying Light 2 looked like while it was being developed. Extended footage from the game in an Alpha build from 2020 are shown. It is claimed by the YouTuber “Noviex” that the footage has been found in the game files.

The recently leaked footage shows different animations of wall-running and kicking a zombie in the face after finishing the wall run.

The last clip shows another combat skill which can be seen in a final product where Aiden can be seen jumping from the rooftop and smashing the ground to disrupt the infected around.

One thing that the Dying light fans noticed is that there is an outfit in the game shown in Alpa footage, which was seen in the E3 trailer.

This confirms the suspicion that the game was nowhere near finished in 2020, which was initially the release date announced. The development was prolonged, or the development had wholly paused it sometime during 2018-2019.

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