Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Needs To Unleash The Fury of Beast Gohan

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Beast Gohan's Tenkaichi Debut Needs To Be Explosive!

Story Highlights
  • Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will feature many Dragon Ball Super characters.
  • The likes of Jiren, Kale, Toppo, and Kakunsa will be included in the game at release.
  • Therefore, Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo, the newest transformations, must be part of the game’s roster, excluding DLC.

The next Dragon Ball game, Sparking Zero, is the first new entry in the Budokai Tenkaichi series in over a decade. After over a decade, the series returns with a banger, with Dragon Ball Super’s story also expected to be told in a game for the first time.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will change things by focusing mainly on characters from Dragon Ball Super, which have never been adapted into a Dragon Ball video game to this scale.

Sure, Xenoverse 2 and FighterZ featured Super characters. The former also included story scenarios from Super, but Sparking Zero will be the first proper rendition of this Dragon Ball series in video game form.

The roster is confirmed to feature a whopping 164 characters. While many characters have already been confirmed, I believe Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo are two characters the game cannot miss out on.

Why it matters: Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo are unique transformations, and their being included in the game will freshen things up and shed light on Dragon Ball’s supporting cast.

gohan beast and orange piccolo in dragon ball xenoverse 2
Beast Gohan & Orange Piccolo Join Forces In Xenoverse 2

Gohan And Piccolo Finally Getting Recognition

At one point, Gohan was the strongest character in the series, deemed worthy of being Dragon Ball’s next protagonist. However, following the Cell saga, Gohan and Piccolo haven’t played a major role in the story.

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie gave them the limelight they deserved with two new transformations. Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo’s transformations were also included as DLCs for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Following Akira Toriyama’s passing, these are two of the last Dragon Ball transformations from this legendary mangaka. Therefore, they must be given the proper respect that Akira Toriyama’s work demands.

The latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero showcase focuses on characters like Hit, Kale, and Kakunsa. This confirms that even lesser-known Dragon Ball Super characters are getting slots in the game.

Surely, Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo will make it into the base roster if Kakunsa is included. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is nearly two years old already, so there is next to no excuse to relegate these two beloved transformations to DLC.

YouTube video

Beast Gohan has even played a major role in the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter.

In the past, the many forms of Gohan have been popular picks in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Whether it be Teen, Adult, or Future Gohan, the character has always been powerful, fast, and explosive.

However, Beast Gohan has the potential to be the ultimate iteration of this character, making his slot in the roster an obvious choice.

With Gohan now rivaling the likes of Goku and Vegeta in terms of raw strength, strategy, and combat abilities, it would be exciting to see him in the game. The same can be said for Orange Piccolo, even if he is quite a bit weaker.

Nonetheless, I hope to see them both in the game on release. Dragon Ball Sparking Zero has the recipe for the perfect Dragon Ball game, but this recipe will not be complete without these two transformations.

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