Elden Ring is a game that generally takes around 40 to 50 hours to roll its credits. For a regular player of the game, it takes days to finish. The world is vast, and the bosses you have to defeat in the Elden Ring are indomitable. The game requires excellent perseverance and skill and is considered one of the hardest action role-playing games, just like other Souls titles. Elden Ring has also become FromSoftware’s most-streamed game on Twitch, with over 200 million hours, defeating all previous entries. 

But there is a specific Speedrunner community of gamers determined to finish the game as quickly as possible to create world records. Speedruns frequently follow pre-determined paths, including sequence breaking, and may take advantage of glitches that allow parts to be skipped or completed faster than intended. Various gamers and streamers have been trying to speedrun Elden Ring, and many finished it in a mere 30-40 minutes. A Twitch and YouTube streamer named Distortion2 had ended the game in a mind-boggling 14 minutes and 8 seconds. It was looking to be an unbeatable time until YouTuber Mitchriz managed to defeat the game under 13 minutes, setting a new world record. 

Mitchriz was able to fine-tune his tactics owing to a common issue among speedrunners, which is also shown in the video that accompanies this article and allows you to teleport your character across large distances on the map. Mitchriz quickly enters the game’s end zone by using this flaw. Other speedrunners were doing something similar, and this is when the fun of these games begins because you typically have to face a succession of bosses, but with this record path, you only have to fight one. In actuality, he reaches the mist of the game’s last boss but manages to escape to the map’s edge and win the final battle before it even begins, resulting in the game being defeated and rolling the credits. Here is the video in which he explains the glitches that helped him conquer the game in just under 13 minutes:

YouTube video

For context, the storyline and the regular time that Elden Ring takes to end is longer than that of all previous Dark Soul games. Dark Souls 1 has a speed run record of 21 minutes, Dark Souls has 14 minutes, while Dark Souls 3 holds a record of 31 minutes. The glitch in Elden Ring is so manipulative that the other games being shorter in length, still took longer to defeat. And that’s not all; in his video, Mitchriz says that if he could be a little more vigilant in the first 7 minutes of the gameplay, the time could be improved even more. 

Consequently, many YouTubers and streamers have been trying to get an even better time than Mitchriz. With the effort everyone puts in these speed runs, we can expect that it will only be a matter of time before someone defeats the game even faster and sets a new world record. 

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