Counter-Strike 2 Beta Allegedly Coming In March

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A recent driver update from Nvidia sparked rumors about Counter-Strike 2. Fans of the franchise have since discussed a potential new entry, but many also believe this could be an updated version of the existing CS:GO from Valve. 

While no official information has been confirmed, a new rumor claims that Counter-Strike 2 is real, and a beta is planned in March. The source further elaborates that CS fans can expect a graphical bump, and Valve has worked hard on the game. 

128-tick servers may also be coming to Counter-Strike 2, leading to more responsive and smoother gameplay overall. Despite no official announcement yet, Valve appears to be focusing on the game, even going as far as to ignore CS:GO for this reason, according to the report. 

However, another source claims that Counter-Strike 2 is not a brand new title, but Valve is porting the existing CS:GO on a Source 2 Engine. 

This may not sound as exciting as a new game, but an engine change could mix things up for CS:GO. A new Conuter-Strike entry is likely to be well-received by audiences worldwide. If the rumors are true, an official announcement will likely appear soon. 

However, taking the information with a slight pinch of salt would be best. CS:GO recently broke its record, reaching the highest number of concurrent players in over a decade. With this success, it would not be surprising if the company decided to keep going without a new version.

The following months are already packed with exciting releases with massive games from nearly every major player in the industry. A new release from Counter-Strike would be a massive deal for the PC Gaming community, adding another game for the industry to look forward to. 

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