Corsair Reveals New Products At Computex 2023

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With iCUE LINK, You Can Synchronize And Control Up To 14 iCUE LINK Devices With One System Hub!

[Press Release] Along with multiple companies invested in the technology market, Corsair has also made an appearance at Computex 2023. The company has brought various new products to the market, including a new memory kit and additions to Corsair’s iCue line-up.

Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 Memory:-

Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5

The Dominator Titanium supports a wide variety of features that gamers look for when choosing new memory for existing and new gaming PCs. Corsair has used class-leading DDR5 ICs, along with patented cooling for the best results.

This ensures that the Dominator Titanium can be easily overclocked. It also supports both Intel XMP and AMD EXPO to cover a wide segment of the market. While these features are already appealing, Corsair has added an element of customization to the memory.

The DDR5 memory comes with a replaceable top bar, ensuring users can go for a simple look or tune the RGB to their liking. Additionally, it offers speeds up to 8000MT/s with impressive CAS latencies, as low as 30.

Corsair Dominator Titanium supports capacities up to 192GB with four 48GB kits.

iCUE Ecosystem:-

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The iCUE Link is designed to simplify custom PC builds. Corsair claims that the new introduction can cut PC building time in half through clutter-free cable technology.

The ecosystem supports products like AIO coolers, case fans, and more. iCUE Link devices can utilize a daisy chain that leads to the system hub. This eliminates the need for adapters, splitters, and components that can become a headache for PC builders.

Corsair has big plans for the iCUE ecosystem, and the first range of products to support it will launch in June. The company also aims to launch more products in Q3. These include CPU and GPU cooling blocks.

iCUE Compatibility With Elgato Stream Deck:-

Corsair iCUE Elgato Stream Deck

The company has made major improvements to the iCUE software experience. This also means that Elgato Stream Deck devices are now compatible with iCUE software, leading to accessible customization.

The iCUE and Stream Deck integration allows users to control options like Corsair fan speeds and cooling presets, in addition to viewing statistics like temperature for PC components. These settings can also be controlled through the Stream Deck mobile application.

With a large variety, Corsair has ensured that consumers look forward to the company’s offerings of quality and innovative products.

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