Corsair iCUE Link Selected As Innovation Awards Honoree At CES 2024

iCUE Link Impresses Yet Again!

[Press Release] Corsair’s iCUE Link ecosystem has always turned heads. Streamlining the process of PC building through clutter-free cable management and sped-up building, this technology has received a new honor from the judges of the Consumer Technology Association.

A single connector that can be plugged into the next device is at the heart of everything that makes iCUE Link so special. This implementation results in a uniform and simple chain of connections with the iCUE Link System Hub holding everything together.

Corsair iCUE Link CES 2024

All components linked together by the iCUE Link ecosystem report directly to Corsair’s iCUE software. This allows for easier control on the user’s end while making it easy to detect anomalies and errors in the components.

Corsair already offers parts like CPU coolers, RGB fans, and the Hydro X series as part of the platform, but the company envisions an all-encompassing ecosystem for iCUE Link.

Therefore, iCUE Link has been designed for more expansions in the future through upcoming products, innovations, and technologies.

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