Code Vein Has Shipped Over 3 Million Copies

Huge Milestone For Code Vein!

Code Vein was first released in 2019, offering a unique spin on the popular souls-like genre FromSoftware’s Dark Souls franchise has inspired. With a unique cell-shaded art style, a companion system, and anime inspiration, Code Vein had enough distinct elements to separate it from other offerings in the genre.

The game aimed to utilize its strengths to provide a new experience, and it sold over 1 million copies in just a few months. Following this success, Code Vein has recently reached another milestone, crossing 3 million shipments worldwide.

Bandai Namco has also released a new illustration to celebrate the occasion.

Code Vein crossed two million sales in September 2021. This means the game has sold consistently since release, selling an additional million copies in a similar timeframe. 

The title offers challenging gameplay and bosses that fans have come to expect from Souls game and its inspirations. However, Code Vein has several differences to distinguish itself.

Unlike the cryptic narrative presented in FromSoftware games, Code Vein’s story is more straightforward. The game relies more on traditional cutscenes to deliver its story throughout the journey.

The companion system is another exciting addition to the souls-like formula, allowing for unique encounters during combat. Code Vein’s AI-based companions are not the smartest, but they can make challenging encounters much more bearable.

However, players that prefer to play the game solo can disable these companions entirely. Similar to Dark Souls games, online co-op is also present in the game.

At launch, the title saw mixed reception, with its fair share of positive and negative reviews. Currently, Code Vein sits at a score of 70/100 on Metacritic.

While many of its ideas were a hit or miss, Code Vein has sold well for a new IP in a somewhat saturated genre. This sales record may also pave the way for a sequel, which was previously hinted at in a leak from Bandai Namco.

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