Clockwork Revolution Is Inspired By Vampire: The Masquerade And Arcanum

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Interactions And Choices Will Shape Narrative!

Clockwork Revolution was officially announced during Xbox Games showcase last month. inXile Entertainment is working on the upcoming RPG, with the developer previously working on games like Wasteland 2 and 3.

Following an incredible trailer, fans hoped to learn more about Clockwork Revolution. The Director of the game recently described it would include elements like a compelling narrative, engaging gameplay, and massive reactivity.

He also stated that it took inspiration from Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Why it matters: The Clockwork Revolution Director has worked on both titles he took inspiration from. This could mean he intends to use past experience to make the game his best work yet.

Both games highlighted by the Director are famous for their engaging RPG mechanics. He claims Clockwork Revolution will also offer crunchy RPG systems, continuing the legacy of these iconic titles.

Like other RPGs, the game offers a character creation system. While the details of this system are currently unknown, the Director’s inspirations could mean that Clockwork Revolution includes deep character customization.

Previously, it was also revealed that players would encounter time-bending scenarios throughout the first-person RPG. With players being able to travel back in time, choices and interactions will have a massive impact on the overall narrative.

This could lead to the reactivity that the Director mentioned. Chad Moore has previously worked at Troika Games, the developer behind RPGs like The Temple of Elemental Evil.

During its initial reveal, Clockwork Revolution was compared with the Bioshock franchise due to a similar aesthetic. However, the Director clarified that inXile Entertainment is headed in a different direction.

While no release date for the upcoming RPG has been announced, it will be released in due time, as written in the announcement trailer. The game is coming to Xbox Series S|X consoles and PC. Like other first-party Xbox titles, it will also be available on Game Pass at launch.

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