Warzone 2.0: New UAV Bundle Criticized For Being Pay-To-Win

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The Call Of Duty game franchise is familiar with microtransactions, and we can see how Free-to-Play games with microtransactions are the most profitable model. Now the Call Of Duty Saga starts a new approach in which the free-to-play becomes pay-to-win with the new Roze and Thorn bundle.

Pay to Win games are nothing new in the industry. Like we have the example of Diablo Immortal as an extreme case. In this game, we could spend more than hundreds of dollars to improve our character to the maximum.

In addition, we have many other games promoted as Free-to-Play, but if we pay, we have an advantage over other players. Well, now we add another game to the Pay-to-Win list, Call of Duty Warzone.

The latest game bundle, Roze and Thorn, will allow players to gain additional advantages if they pay.

Call of Duty Roze and Thorn

First, if we buy this pack for $18, we get the Thorns Out Roze operator skin. Buying a skin is normal, but if we use this skin, we will have a UAV bonus in DMZ mode. According to Datamining, using the skin to use UAV (which reveals enemy location for 30sec) will give a player a massive advantage over others.

Call of Duty Warzone may be free to play, but this type of bundle makes it more of a Pay to Win game. As we already know, any advantage (no matter how small) in a competitive online game is a bad idea. 

Activision previously released other bundles offering benefits to players willing to pay. For example, the Classic Ghost Pack, which costs $19.99, brings a two-plate armored vest, one more operator slot in the DMZ, and two weapons with a 15-minute cooldown.

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