Blackview Oscal Releases PowerMax 3600 Power Station

Coming 10 January!

Blackview and Oscal have partnered to meet the growing demand for zero-cost energy amid the rising costs of electricity worldwide.

This collaboration saw both companies combining their expertise to offer the PowerMax 3600, a rugged portable power station that combines R&D efforts from both Oscal and Blackview.

Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600

When it comes to reliability, the PowerMax 3600 leaves no stone unturned. In addition to support for battery capacities ranging from 3.6kWh to 57.6kWh, this power station ships with fast charging and 3600W output power support.

This output rating makes it compatible with intensive tools like drills and chainsaws. With up to 14 output ports, including 4 AC outlets, 1 Anderson port, 2 DC55521 ports, 6 USB ports, and a single cigarette lighter, several of these devices can take advantage of the PowerMax 3600.

The large range of battery capacities also allows the rugged power station to power outdoor activities for a single day at a minimum. Meanwhile, the maximum capacity of 57.6kWh is more than enough to last 30 days for a house when using 2kWh per day.

Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600

This battery life is complemented by a speedy 24/7 UPS system. With low response times of 5ms compared to the 20-30ms from the competition, power cuts never lead to data loss or damage.

Blackview’s involvement in the R&D process has led to a robust creation that can survive drops from heights as high as 0.8m. Added protection against water splashes, dust particles, and UV rays means that the power station is ready to face all types of environments and working conditions.

The PowerMax 3600 relies on LiFePO4 battery cells for further durability, promising lifecycles 4-6 times longer than NCM batteries. Blackview and Oscal prioritized safety, above all else, equipping the power station with an eightfold Battery Management System.

Edging closer toward the goal of zero-cost energy, the companies ensured compatibility with the likes of EV charging stations, solar panels, wind turbines, and water turbines.

Therefore, making efficient use of solar energy at a 1600W input to charge the PowerMax 3600 can net savings of up to $1612.8/year.

Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600

A user-friendly approach, with a large LCD, easy-to-read font, and a Smart app for remote access, adds to the list of reasons to consider the power station as your next everyday companion.

These features can be yours for the starting price of $1799 once the Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600 goes on sale from 10 January on IndieGoGo, with orders expected to arrive within ten days of reservation.

For this price, the power station ships with a four-year warranty bolstered by 24/7 online support and offline service centers.

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