Black Myth: Wukong Physical Release Doesn’t Include A Disc

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Physical Game Owners Get Empty Box!

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  • Black Myth: Wukong’s first physical copies won’t include a disc.
  • The developer states that this is due to distribution issues.
  • They are working to solve the issue, so future copies may come with a disc.

Black Myth: Wukong has checked all the boxes for a successful Souls-like so far. The game seems to feature a huge scale, terrifying enemies, and an impressive combat system.

As the August release date draws nearer, the excitement has reached an all-time high. Steam users have also made it the most wish-listed game, but there seems to be a catch on consoles.

According to a report, Black Myth: Wukong won’t get a proper physical release.

Why it matters: This Souls-like’s physical edition is one in name only. It is basically a digital-only release.

Black Myth: Wukong
Black Myth: Wukong’s Latest Trailer Looks Quite Impressive

While the game won’t be an all-digital title like Hellblade 2 or Alan Wake 2, the physical release won’t be too far from the aforementioned titles.

What this means is that the physical version won’t include a disc. Buyers of the copy will get an empty box with a downloadable code. According to the developers, this is mainly because of distribution issues.

The team is working on getting these problems sorted out. However, the team has not provided any estimates on when fans can expect the physical version to ship with a disc for the content.

YouTube video

Fortunately, the update suggests that physical copies will eventually come with discs. For first buyers, however, this means that Black Myth: Wukong will sit on their shelves as a hollow box.

Elsewhere, the game was recently delayed for Xbox platforms.

Despite its ambitious scope and gameplay, these issues highlight the troubles of releasing AAA titles as a new developer. According to studio Game Science, the physical distribution issue is also due to their past inexperience with AAA releases.

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