Damian Wayne Batman Game Was Scrapped Because of Extensive Leaks

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WB Montreal's Batman Game Before Gotham Knights!

Story Highlights
  • WB Games Montreal was working on a Batman Beyond game featuring Damian Wayne, according to past leaks.
  • This game was later canceled, and the team eventually created Gotham Knights.
  • Damian Wayne’s voice actor claims the project was canceled due to excessive leaks.

A few years after Rocksteady released the incredible Batman Arkham Knight, it was reported that Warner Bros was working on another game for the character, which would feature Damian Wayne.

Led by WB Games Montreal, this project suffered from various leaks and was eventually canceled. While WB Games Montreal has moved on, a voice actor claims these leaks were the major reason for the game’s untimely demise.

Why it matters: This story is interesting since many games have been leaked in the past. Rockstar’s infamous leak from 2022 showed extensive information about GTA 6, but such leaks don’t typically lead to scrapped projects.

Batman Arkham Knight

Recently, voice actor Josh Keaton, in a Twitch livestream, claimed that the game was canceled following the leaks. He stated:

“The leaks killed the project.”

Josh Keaton, best known for roles like Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3 and Robin from WB Games Montreal’s Batman Arkham Origins, almost ended up playing Damian Wayne in the canceled Batman game.

He also shared that he had taken part in three to four sessions as Damian Wayne before the developers decided to cancel the project. The voice actor further stated:

“They were doing such a different take on so many of the rogues gallery. It(the leaks) gave away everything different about the game.”

The voice actor further stated that it was going to be a much different game than Warner Bros’ past work adapting Batman as it wasn’t set in the Arkhamverse.

However, the leaks revealed practically everything the game had to offer. This included concept art, major story beats, villains, and more. Therefore, WB Games Montreal shifted focus to what would eventually become Gotham Knights.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Gotham Knights finally launched in 2022, nine years after the studio’s previous game. However, it was subject to harsh criticism, particularly due to poor visuals, 30FPS on consoles, and overall subpar gameplay.

Following this outcome, we can’t help but wonder how things would have turned out had the team released its canceled Batman game instead.

The studio did a great job of creating a game based on the Arkham template with Batman Arkham Origins. While the game might not receive the same love as the other Arkham entries, many still consider it an underrated offering to this day.

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