Asus ROG Ally Can Easily Handle Console Emulation

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Emulates PS3, Nintendo Switch, And More!

Aside from being a powerful Windows handheld gaming device, the Asus ROG Ally can also emulate your favorite games. Just like other current generation chips, the Ryzen Z1 APU found on the Asus ROG Ally also supports AVX512 instruction.

Almost all the emulators out there can take advantage of the 256-bit SIMD vector extensions. Furthermore, the AVX512 instruction support on the Ryzen Z1 APU can expand the capabilities of 256-bit vector extensions with advanced operations like permutations, scatter operations, and data conversion.

Emulators that use these calculations to emulate games can certainly take advantage of the AVX512 instruction to boost performance. The emulation performance of the Asus ROG Ally was also tested by ETA Prime, demonstrating just how powerful the new handheld device from Asus is.

ETA Prime ran all famous emulators on the Asus ROG Ally with a high framerate and resolution on low power mode.

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Furthermore, the Asus ROG Ally could also handle hard-to-emulate games like God of War 3 on RPCS3.

The handheld console ran the game at 60 FPS with a few dips into the low 50s at 1080P resolution. Games like these will require the max power target of the handheld at 30W. In comparison, other games that are easier to emulate can run just fine on 7W to 15W for better battery life.

The Ryzen Z1 APU on the Asus ROG Ally has been tested and is compatible with PPSSPP (PSP Emulator), Citra (3DS Emulator), Dolphin, PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator), RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator), and more.

In terms of specs, the Ryzen Z1 APU comes equipped with 12 RDNA3 compute units and 8 Zen 4 cores with 16 threads. The more powerful hardware makes it a compelling option compared to popular existing handhelds like the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch.

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