Astro Bot Shaping Up To Be PlayStation’s Biggest Game This Year

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  • Astro Bot previews are out, and everyone is praising it as a platformer.
  • As per the previews, it is shaping up to be PlayStation’s biggest game this year.
  • The only concern is the $60 price tag, which could become controversial.

Astro’s Playroom, which came with the PS5, has become extremely famous among fans. The character has become one of the lesser-known mascots of PlayStation, but many fans may have ignored the first game since it was more of a tech demo.

However, Sony decided to take things up a notch and make it a mainline series for the console. Following job listings from Team Asobi hinting at this project, Astro Bot was finally unveiled at last month’s State of Play.

Now, the previews are out, and they are highly positive. There is so much praise that it is shaping up to be PlayStation’s biggest game this year.

Why it matters: Despite the IP’s existence on PlayStation for many years, Astro Bot has not yet found a breakthrough.

Bloodborne Hunter In Astro Bot
Astro Bot’s $60 Price Tag Could Prove To Be Controversial

The game seems to be so good that many are discussing whether it can be a Game of the Year contender.

Previews hint that PlayStation may be on the verge of capturing a bit of Nintendo’s charm with this title. Astro Bot seems to be a solid platformer, exceeding expectations in nearly every way.

The meanest thing we can say about Astro Bot is that there wasn’t enough of it


Elsewhere, the game is said to utilize the DualSense features like its predecessors. Media outlets have also enjoyed the much-needed variety from PlayStation, with some dubbing this first-party title the game PlayStation has needed for a while.

YouTube video


Despite the positivity, fans are currently split on the $60 price tag. Astro Bot is cheaper than most PlayStation releases, but some doubt it will justify the $60 price. This seems to be the only point of contention around the platformer.

Anyhow, Astro Bot storms onto the PS5 this September. It will explore various facets of Sony’s gaming history, with references even pointing to games like Bloodborne and God of War. Therefore, it seems to be a must-play title for all PlayStation enthusiasts.

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