Arma Reforger, the AAA first-person shooter from Bohemia Interactive, has been a hot topic since the document about its marketing and brand guide got leaked on the internet. The document revealed a lot about the game though nothing was confirmed as it was just a leak and not directly from an official source. The document that first showed up on Reddit also contained leaked art and other details about the game.

In recent marketing material that leaked, it was stated that the game will be on multiple platforms, including consoles as well. However, that just got negated through a new rating. ESRB rating for the game reveals that it will be a PC exclusive. 

Moreover, it also mentions the typical War Element “Blood, Strong Language, & Violence” alongside a description of the game. 

arma on pc
Source: ESRB

“This is a first-person shooter in which players engage in battlefield warfare within an alternate Cold War setting. Players move around territories and battle against enemy factions/soldiers for control of strategic points. Characters use pistols, rifles, grenades, and vehicle-mounted machine guns to kill enemies in realistic combat.

Firefights are highlighted by gunfire, explosions, and cries of pain. Blood-splatter effects sometimes occur when enemies are hit; blood effects also appear on the camera when players are injured. The word “f**k” appears in the dialogue.”

Though the rating reveals the game to be on the PC only, there is still the fact that the game could be multiplatform as well and the launch might be exclusive for PCs with a console launch later down the line. 

For those, that aren’t in the loop – a few days ago, ARMA Refroger Details were leaked, that mentioned everything about the game. It said ARMA would be expected to release on multi-platforms, without giving too much clarification.

“Contrary to prior installments in the franchise, future Arma releases will be multi-platform titles. Arma Reforger is expected to launch on PC, Xbox (One/Series X), and PlayStation (4/5 in the future)”

ARMA Refroger

The document further mentioned;

“The game provides tactical depth and yet remains accessible to a broad audience, including console users. It also supports user modification for custom scenarios.”

ARMA Refroger
ARMA Reformer Console Plans – From the leaked document.

The third time it said, “Launch Arma on a new platform and share its unique gameplay mechanics and mil-sim focus with an audience of console gamers.”

And lastly, it mentioned once more, repeating, “Introduce Arma to a new (console-oriented) audience.”

There has been no announcement from Bohemia Interactive themselves, yet the ESRB rating pretty much confirms the platform of the game. If there are indeed additional plans for the game, they have been reserved for later – essentially today (A live Twitch Stream is scheduled). 

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