Vision Pro Expected To Be Apple’s Most Important 2024 Launch

Apple Vision Pro In Mass Production Now!

Apple is reportedly increasing production of its mixed-reality headset Vision Pro in order to prepare for a February launch. According to insider knowledge, production of the new headset has been operating at full capacity at facilities in China for a few weeks now.

Early estimates stated that around 200K units of the Vision Pro would be shipped during 2024. The first retail unit of Apple Vision Pro is scheduled for the next month. However, customer-based orders are expected to arrive in early February.

Apple Vision Pro

The report adds that Apple’s headset is the company’s most important product for 2024.

Software developers were urged to “get ready” for the Vision Pro in an email from Apple, which included testing their apps with the newest tools and forwarding them to the company for comments.

Since launching its smartwatch line in 2015, Apple has introduced a new product category with the Vision Pro. In addition, the business must persuade customers to embrace mixed reality, a concept that combines virtual and augmented reality.

Even though a small portion of buyers are ready to risk $3,499 on a retail unit, great first impressions will play an important role in the success of the product. Furthermore, the Apple Vision Pro will only be accessible by appointment, and since there won’t be a wider rollout, only customers in the United States will be able to test out the device first.

In any case, favorable customer reviews will help Apple make its new mixed-reality headset appealing to a broader audience in the future. Apple knows this and has selected a few retail staff for training on the high-end AR headset.

Retail staff will receive training on how to approach customers and ask them to try out the Apple Vision Pro, helping customers position the device perfectly on their heads in order to enjoy high-resolution content while providing a comfortable experience.

The two-day sessions are scheduled to begin in January.

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