AMD X870 Motherboards Won’t Be Available At Ryzen 9000 CPUs Launch

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600 Series Motherboards Will Carry 9000 Series CPUs At Launch

AMD surprised everyone by showcasing the new motherboards. However, they did not specify at any point in this presentation that the X870 and X870E motherboards from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar, would ship after the Ryzen 9000 CPUs go on sale, even though its new generation chipsets made a brief appearance in this presentation.

Chipsets X870

In the COMPUTEX 2024 event, we got to see more motherboards with LGA1851 for Arrow Lake-S by manufacturers. The AMD did its best with the CPUs however it scheduled the X870 and X870E motherboardsX870 for the later timeline.

The main disadvantage of these new motherboards is that there won’t be many updates made to them other than the periodic updating of the PCIe and USB lines.

Now based on discussions with some manufacturers and the few models that have been revealed, the Ryzen 9000 would launch without the X870 and X870E motherboards.

The manufacturers said that the two new high-end chipsets do not offer significant enough improvements and AMD does not want to give them any priority as Red camp will stabilize the platform through AGESA updates for support like up to 8000MHz memory support.

AMD wants to prioritize manufacturers’ updates so that the CPUs sell better by having many motherboard models already available from previous chipsets.

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