Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered Listed on Official Crytek website with Ray Tracing Support

It is now official, Crytek is preparing the official announcement of the Crysis Remastered, a title that was leaked a few minutes ago and confirms that we will...
PlayStation 5

Remedy & Crytek in favor of PlayStation 5: “PS5 is much better than Xbox...

One of the Crytek developers believes that the PlayStation 5 beats the Xbox Series X in programming and after this Remedy Entertainment , a...
Hunt: showdown

Crytek Reveals Teaser Trailer of Hunt: Showdown

Crytek has been working on a new mysterious title Hunt: Showdown lately and the studio unveiled the most recent teaser trailer of the project...
Crytek CEO

Crytek To Receive $500 Million From Turkish Government

Good news for Crytek and its employees, because after being virtually bankrupt with many employees who have not been paid for several months. Now...

Crytek Has Removed Denuvo From Virtual Reality Game, The Climb

According to various reports on the forums, Crytek removed denuvo from its first Virtual Reality game, The Climb, exclusively available for Oculus Rift. Equal...
Xbox Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio Will Remove “Some of the Limitations” – Crytek

Since earlier this year, development of high end console from both the console makers, i.e, Sony and Microsoft was rumored until May when Sony's...

The Climb – New VR Title Of Crytek; Screenshots

Trying to compensate anger of PC games by the slip of Robinson: The Journey, which is an exclusive title to PlayStation VR | PS4 VR. Today Crytek has...

Crytek brings dinosaurs to VR with Robinson: The Journey

This E3 is all about virtual reality. Harnessing the power of CryENGINE, Robinson: The Journey from Crytek will offer players unprecedented feeling of being inside...
Crytek CEO

Amazon may have helped Crytek financially

There are heaps of bits of gossip noticeable all around that Amazon may have accumulated an arrangement with Crytek to help them amid their...
Ryse: Son of Rome Officially announced for PC

Why Crytek is worried they will not be able to impress gamers with graphics

When you guys hear the word ''Crytek'' you could easily remember Crysis series one of the best game series in sci-fi genre and in...
homefront the revolution

Crytek Wages scandal: Homefront 2 development has been suspended

The Crytek is still in a deep financial quagmire, although the studio has made a step ahead and released a new version of CRYENGINE...

Crytek may go bankrupt owing to Ruse failure

Crytek has been under constant scrutiny from the PC Gamers side after moving its Crysis series into consoles too but nevertheless it was a...




Kingston DDR5 DRAM Memory

Kingston to launch DDR5 DRAM Memory Modules in Q3 2021

Kingston Technology has announced that during the third quarter of this year (Q3 2021) that it will begin shipping its first overclocking-friendly DDR5 @ 1.1v DRAM memory modules,...