Why You Don’t Need Expensive Gaming Keyboards

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Fancy Keyboard? More Like Fancy Waste of Money!

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  • Expensive gaming keyboards won’t turn you into a god. Focus on sharpening your gaming skills for versatile gameplay.
  • Comfort matters! Choose a keyboard with switches you enjoy, not just the RGB lights.
  • Upgrade your monitor, mouse, or graphics card for a noticeable improvement in your gaming experience. Fancy keyboards can wait!

Let’s face it, the gaming peripheral market is an RGB-lit battlefield. Headsets promise the audibility of every footstep, mice allow for pinpoint accuracy to target heads, and then there come those expensive gaming keyboards.

Keyboards supposedly hold the key (pun intended) to unlock the secrets of the esports gods, or do they? I, for one, fell for it and was disappointed.

The Myth of the Almighty Gaming Keyboard

Back in the day, I was convinced a premium keyboard was the missing piece in my ascend to esports glory; So, I saved up and I invested my budget on a keyboard that cost more than my first graphics card.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks glorious. Dazzling RGB lights illuminated my desk, the keys clacked with a satisfying feel, and there were more macro buttons than I knew what to do with. The initial thrill was intoxicating.

But then, reality set in. My expensive keyboard wasn’t making me a frag machine in Valorant as I had hoped. In fact, after the honeymoon phase wore off, it was similar to the basic keyboard I used before, except for the hefty price tag.

Here’s why countless gamers, myself included, have realized that a simple, well-built keyboard is all you need to dominate the competition.

Focus on Skills, Not Fancy Features

Gaming is about strategy, practice, and split-second reactions. A keyboard with a million macro keys and RGB lighting won’t magically improve your gameplay, aim, or decision-making.

In fact, relying on macros can be a struggle, hindering your ability to develop essential game mechanics. The best players hone their skills through countless hours of grinding, not through pre-programmed button presses.

What Really Matters: Feel and Functionality

The true heart of a gaming keyboard is how it feels under your fingers. Do you prefer a light, clicky sensation or a heavier, more tactile one? This comes down to personal preference, and the good news is plenty of affordable keyboards offer various mechanical switch options to suit your taste.

Basic functionality is critical, too. Here are the features to look out for when considering a gaming keyboard:

  • N-key rollover allows multiple keys to be pressed and registered simultaneously, essential for complex key combinations. 
  • Response time should be as low as possible, ensuring smooth and responsive operations.

Most modern keyboards, even budget-friendly ones, offer these features these days.

Durability Matters, Not Fancy Materials

Many expensive gaming keyboards are equipped with light-grade aluminum frames and braided cables. While these materials sound impressive, they offer minimal to no practical benefit during gaming.

They might be more enduring but won’t make you a godly gamer. A good quality mechanical keyboard, which is significantly cheaper, can be just as stable for everyday gaming.

Design (Image By Tech4Gamers)
RGB doesn’t matter during intense gaming! (Image By Tech4Gamers)

RGB Lighting: Cool, But Not Essential

Don’t get me wrong, a well-executed RGB lighting scheme can look fantastic on your desk. But how often are you focused on your keyboard during an intense gaming session? In most cases, you’ll be too engaged in the action on the screen to appreciate the light show.

I believe RGB is just a waste of money. At most, a keyboard with back-lighting is ideal. Many affordable keyboards come with basic back-lighting options, which provide enough illumination for late-night gaming sessions without breaking the bank.

Invest in Upgrades That Matter

Instead of dropping hundreds on expensive gaming keyboards, consider investing in upgrades that will actually improve your gaming experience. Here’s where your money can make a real difference:

  • High Refresh Rate Monitor: A monitor with a high refresh rate (think 144Hz or even 240Hz) will make your gameplay smoother, offering a significant advantage in fast-paced games where every frame counts.
  • Quality Gaming Mouse: A good gaming mouse offers superior tracking, precision, and customizable buttons. This translates to better control over your aim, giving you an edge over the competition. Find a mouse that fits best in your hand and capitalize on it.
  • Powerful Graphics Card: A powerful graphics card delivers stunning visuals, richer details, and smoother performance. It enables crisp textures and smooth frame rates that elevate your gaming experience. You can even get a budget-friendly yet powerful graphics card.

These upgrades will have a far more significant impact on your performance than any flashy keyboards.

GPU Fans
Graphics Card enhances performance significantly! (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Finding the Right Balance

Some might wonder, “Isn’t there anything cool about a nice gaming keyboard?” Of course, there is! If you love the idea of customizable RGB lighting that syncs with your games or a keyboard that feels satisfyingly clicky under your fingers, then by all means, go for it! 

But remember, those features do not contribute to gaming skills and shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Focus on getting a keyboard that feels good to use and offers the core functionalities you need, and spend the rest of your budget on the upgrades that will genuinely elevate your gameplay.

In my opinion, there are fantastic budget-friendly keyboards out there that offer everything you need for competitive gaming. Look for options like the Epomaker x Aula F75 or the more budget-conscious Corsair K55 Core. These keyboards can provide a superb gaming experience without breaking the bank.

My Final Thoughts

Focus on honing your skills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, which applies directly to gaming. The more hours you spend mastering your favorite games’ maps, weapons, and character mechanics, the more those fancy keyboard macros become obsolete. 

You’ll develop muscle memory and reflexes that translate to lightning-fast reactions and in-game dominance, all without needing a single pre-programmed button press. 

Now, go out there and blast your enemies’ heads off with your budget-friendly keyboards! Remember, the best gaming experience comes from skill and practice, not the fanciest peripherals.

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