Why Keeping Your PC Off The Floor Is A Good Idea

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Space Optimization Or A Stupid Mistake?

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  • Dust particles can easily enter PCs placed on the floor, blocking airflow passages.
  • PCs on the floor are easily within reach of kids and pets, which can be dangerous.
  • Keeping your PC off the floor protects it from ceramic contacts, potentially avoiding the explosion of glass panels.

I found some users debating whether placing your PC on the floor is fine. You might think there is a clear answer to this debate, but both sides present strong arguments. Putting your PC on the floor might save some table space, but it exposes your build to certain other risks. Let’s see what these risks are and if you should be worried about them.

You Might Want To Reconsider

Deepcool Case
DeepCool Case (Image By Tech4Gamers)

To be fair, I never paid attention to where someone placed their PC before. But I noticed that PCs placed on the floor or near the ground more often need repairing than the ones placed on desks. So, I found out it is not just a coincidence, but there are certain reasons associated with it. To mention a few:

Easy Dust Buildup

A PC placed near the ground is more exposed to dust. This can cause the dust to build up in airflow passages, which can completely choke the airflow. As a result of airflow obstruction, PC components can overheat and get damaged.

Just like a user on this Quora thread noticed, the PCs placed on the floor in their workplace often needed PSU replacements because of overheating. Moreover, you will need to clean PCs placed on the floor more often if you do not want frequent replacements.

Prone To Physical Damage

Thermaltake View 51
Thermaltake View 51 Snow Edition (Image By Tech4Gamers)

I had to put my PC under the table a while ago due to some space constraints. It was a bad decision because everyone passing by my table almost always kicked my PC. I even kicked it accidentally during heated gameplay. You might be able to control your emotions more than I do, but PCs placed on the floor are more likely to be kicked or hit by objects. So, a small compromise on space can help you save a lot of bucks.

Pets/Kids And PCs Don’t Go Along

Although I do not personally own a pet, I see many pet owners worried about their pet hairs making it into their PC. These pet hairs can clog airflow passages and trap dust, eventually leading to component damage or dropped performance due to overheating.

Moreover, PCs placed on the floor are more in reach of pets and kids than those placed on the table. I do not think anyone wants their pet or kid to go near their PC cords. Therefore, keeping your PC out of their reach is a vital reason to keep it off the floor.

Flex Your PC’s Aesthetics

Almost every PC component manufacturer now pays attention to the looks of its products. So, you pay for its performance and looks whenever you spend on a PC component. By putting your PC under your table, you are losing your chance to showcase the looks of your PC build. PCs placed on desks or tables exhibit way more attraction than those hidden from eyesight. 

Boom Goes The Side Panel

Exploded Side Panel (Image via Reddit)

There are regular and multiple cases of the explosion of side panels made of tempered glass. The interesting part is you can do everything right and still have your glass panel explode. A lot of people do not even realize what just happened. I think the major reason for such shattered glass panels is their contact with ceramics.

Ceramics have sharp and strong pointy ends. So whenever glass panels come even in the slightest contact with such materials, they explode immediately without any warning. Therefore, keeping your PC off the floor prevents it from most ceramic contacts.

Bottom Line

PC cases on the floor are more prone to dust buildup and pet hair. So, either you need to be very regular in cleaning, or you will damage your PC. Also, placing your PC on the floor makes it more prone to accidental kicks or physical contact, which can damage it. Moreover, I saw some cases in which side panels exploded after coming in contact with ceramics. Keeping your PC off the floor reduces the risk of such ceramic contact.

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