Why I Use Controller For Gaming More Than a Keyboard?

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Playing every game on a keyboard and mouse? See why I prefder to use a controller in some titles.

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  • Sometimes, people tend to prefer the comfort of a controller over a keyboard and mouse, depending on the game.
  • The keyboard and mouse combination does land you a competitive edge when playing multiplayer games.
  • However, when playing single-player story titles, you should go with what suits you better.

The types of games you play would greatly impact the peripherals you will need to enjoy the game. Believe it or not, sometimes, you need a break from your traditional mouse and keyboard combination to enjoy a game better.

I, for one, always reach out for my Xbox One X Bluetooth controller, at the end of a busy day, just so I can lay back and relax while playing some of my favourite titles.

What Games I Play With My Controller?

The types of games you play with your peripherals depend on your personal preference. You will see people playing competitive shooters like Call of Duty on a controller as well. That’s why, this list is my personal preference and it might differ from yours. 

I usually use my controller to play third-person, story-driven single-player titles like Elden Ring, Last of Us and now, the newly dropped Ghost of Tsushima. Some of these games were designed for consoles so they have better support for a controller.

Elden Ring Gameplay using Xbox One X Controller (Image by tech4gamers)
Elden Ring Gameplay using Xbox One X Controller (Image by tech4gamers)

For narrative-driven single-player titles, you usually do not require the competitive edge you get from a mouse and keyboard. The games usually come with aim assist to make the gameplay smoother for you. 

Not to mention, for some people, in a third-person game where you can see your character and much more of the environment, controlling your camera with the sticks provided on a controller is much easier on a controller compared to a mouse. 

Despite all this, if you are still struggling to get a hang of the controller, and depend greatly on a mouse and keyboard combination, remember, it is a single-player title and you can always hop on the settings and tone down the difficulty by a notch.

What Games You Should Consider Playing On A Keyboard?

A controller is good for a laid-back and calm single-player experience. However, if you are playing a competitive multiplayer shooter with your friends, where the stakes are high, maybe you should consider a keyboard and mouse combination. 

This combination will give you a competitive edge, and allow you to aim faster and react quickly. This edge might be the difference between you landing a kill or getting killed. After all, in a competitive shooter, every single millisecond of reaction time counts.

Valorant Gameplay (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Valorant Gameplay using Corsair K70 Core (Image By Tech4Gamers)

There is a reason why you will see all the pro streamers like Shroud and Ninja who excel at competitive multiplayer shooters will almost always go for a keyboard and mouse combination. 

This is because, with a keyboard and mouse, they have a freedom which you just can not get on a controller. A mouse will always be snappier and allow you to react to a situation faster than a controller as long as the controller is not using any aim assist. 

Do What Works For You

Of course, everything that we mentioned previously was just general guidance and not some holy grail that you have to religiously follow. It is just something the majority of people prefer, but that does not necessarily have to be you. 

You will see hardcore enthusiasts who play even the easiest titles with a keyboard and mouse cause they need to hit all those headshots. Then you will come across streamers who play even the most competitive shooters with a controller. 

Everyone’s perfect gaming experience is specifically tailored as per their liking and expertise on the peripheral so everyone has a different preference. Try using different peripherals and controllers in your games before you make a final choice.

At the end of the day, it’s you who has to play the games and none of the peripheral choices you make matter, if you are not having a good time playing those games. So do what works for you.

My Final Thoughts

Whether you play games with an Xbox One Controller, a keyboard and mouse or an arcade stick, at the end of the day, what matters is, if you have a great time or not. 

There’s no point forcing yourself on a peripheral that does not work out for you. So, you should always go with the one that feels right in your hands, instead of what people on the internet tell you to use. 

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