Why I Never Kill The Following NPCs In Elden Ring?

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Facing a dilemma that whether or not should kill a certain NPC in Elden Ring? Keep reading to find out which ones you might wanna save.

Story Highlight
  • The enormous world of Elden Ring is home to many NPCs.
  • The game allows you to kill almost all of these NPCs, but some are worth sparing.
  • Many of these NPCs have their questlines which you can not access if you kill them. 

Elden Ring features an enormous map with various zones that are distinct from one another. During your journey across these lands, you will come across a variety of different NPCs.

The Lands Between is home to several creatures you will come across throughout your time in the game. While most of them are hostile and will try to kill you as soon as they have sight of you, some of them are worth saving. 

The game allows you to kill almost every single one of them. However, in this article, we will discuss the NPCs that you will come across during your playthrough that are worth saving. 

Miriel, The Pastor Of Vows

Miriel is a giant but gentle pastor tortoise you will encounter when you reach the Church of Vows. From your first interaction with him, you will know Miriel is anything but hostile and only wants the best for you during your journey. 

Players can learn various previous Faith and Intelligence spells from Miriel for a small amount. On the contrary, killing him would not get you anything useful except for his ball bearing, which you can use to buy the same spells he was offering in the first place.

Miriel Pastor (Image via Eldein Ring Wiki)
Miriel Pastor (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)

Miriel is a useful character who is too precious to kill, simply because not only is he not causing any chaos in the game, but he is working for the unity of Faith and Intelligence mages.

Iron First Alexander

The first time you come across Alexander is when you’re exploring the northern side of Stormhill. You’ll find him stuck in the ground asking for help. When you help him get out, you have the option to kill him but I’d recommend you to sit this one out. 

If you don’t kill Alexander, you will find him again in Caelid during the Radahn festival. This time he will fight alongside you against Radahn. Alexander does not exactly turn the tie in that fight but you need as much help as you can get against Radahn.

Alexander (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)
Alexander (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)

Other than that, you also get to unlock Alexander’s questline, which is worth doing in my opinion. Doing so will get you more content, and upon the completion of the questline, you will receive the Shard of Alexander, which is one of the best Talismans in the game.


This is one of the harder ones cause every gamer who has played Soulsborne games has come across Patches at some point in the previous games, and that probably wasn’t the smoothest interaction,

Patches (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)
Patches (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)

Even in Elden Ring, when you come across him, he ambushes you starting a boss fight. Most people would want to kill him after he backs down, but sparing him is worth it. He becomes a merchant afterward and has some useful things in stock.

Blackguard Big Boggart 

Blackguard Big Boggart is a merchant found in Liurnia of Lakes near Boliprawn Shack. Like any other merchant, this one can also be killed in the game, but in the grand scheme of things, it is better if we let him live. 

In the beginning, Boggart will sell us Boiled Prawns and Boiled Crabs, two of the most important consumables in the early game that increase physical damage and negation which will help you conquer Liurnia and the Academy of Raya Lucaria. 

Other than that, he has a questline of his own, which is not worth skipping on. Players will discover about his past as the thief of Rya’s necklace during this questline. 

Blackguard (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)
Blackguard (Image via Elden Ring Wiki)

Final Thoughts

All in all, Elden Ring gives you the freedom to hack and slash your way through any living creature you come across in your journey in the Lands Between. While some of them are worth killing, some of them are barely existing there and want peace. 

You can go on a murdering spree during your journey to become the Elden Lord. However, some choices have grave consequences that players should be aware of if they want the best ending in the game.

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