What Happened To Omega Strikers?

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How the game got kicked away from everyone's eyes

Story Highlights
  • Omega Strikers had an extremely successful open beta that averaged around 10k active players for the first month.
  • The game was released on all major platforms with complete cross-play functionality.
  • The lack of diversity in game modes and non-intuitive MOBA-esque controls made the fanbase quickly die out, resulting in the developers halting progress on the game.

When former Riot gameplay leads announced a game that takes the isometric view of traditional MOBAS and pairs it with a mix of Rocket League and Super Smash Bro, promising a diverse cast of free-to-play characters with nothing locked behind a paywall, people were massively excited. Yet, less than a year since its release, the Devs issued a statement saying they’ll no longer be working on the game. What exactly went wrong, and what happened to Omega Strikers?

The Meteoric Early Success

Omega Strikers - Splash Art
Omega Strikers – Splash Art by Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, the developers behind Omega Strikers, basically did everything right when it came to the open beta. The hype was real, and the initial release fully utilized that hype. The game already averaged around 10k active players in the first month, but the Creator Versus Event made the game burst into popularity with popular streamers like Moistcritikal and Ludwig participating for a portion of the game’s revenue.

YouTube video

The developers also went far and beyond promoting the game. The term “former Riot leads” already made people have a positive outlook on how polished the game will be, but an official collaboration with Studio Trigger, an Anime Production studio behind classics like Gurren Lagan and Kill La Kill, invited fans from all kinds of genre.

Odyssey Inc. was also adamant about making the game available to anyone. Quickly after the first launch, they started working on cross-play between all major consoles, android, IOS, and PC. In April of 2023, the game hit all the developers’ goals, releasing on every platform with a new set of updates including map hazards, new characters, and other additions!

The Cracks Were Already In Place

Screenshot from the Launch Trailer

I praise the game a lot, and it truly deserves all of it. I love the characters, the gameplay, and especially the idea behind it. Heck, I even watched the Creator Versus Event. Still, to anyone who played the open beta, the flaws were obvious.

The main problem was the lack of diversity between matches. Despite the amount of unique skills available, each match just ended up being about what team is mechanically superior. It never stopped being fun for me, but I can certainly see why people ended up being bored after the initial honeymoon phase.

The developers could see this from the open beta and released an official statement detailing their plans to make the game fun. Reading the post, I was sure they’d be able to add stuff to add variety to the game, but nothing they added ended up bringing anything new.

Failure Due To Ambition

Screenshot from Studio Trigger’s Music Video

Making your first game release on all platforms with cross-play enabled seems extremely ambitious, but it comes with its fair share of problems. Mainly, it meant that Odyssey couldn’t just add new features that made the game fun without taking into account lower-end devices like phones and tablets. They also had to take into account different controls, as heightening the skill floor can make the game unenjoyable for those on Switches.

The Stench Of MOBAs

Omega Strikers Gameplay

I’ve got no shame in admitting I’m an absolute MOBA fan. I’ve tried everything from League and DOTA to niche mobile variants like Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. I love the aesthetic provided by isometric views and how it plays into your mechanics. Unfortunately, most people, especially casual gamers, don’t share the sentiment.

The developers were keen on not promoting the game as a MOBA to avoid this exact situation, but the isometric view and the skill-shot-heavy gameplay made people make the association regardless. To a lot of people who liked the game at launch, it quickly became “just another boring MOBA.”

Is The Game Gone For Good?

The developers still continue to release minor patches occasionally despite their statement of no longer working on the game. I don’t think Omega Strikers has a chance to return anytime soon, but I still play it whenever I’m bored. Odyssey has made it very clear that they’re straying away from the game but will be working on other projects in the same universe, so it’s better to look forward to those instead!

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