V-Color Reveals High-Performance 8400MHz Manta XFinity DDR5 Kits

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Latest High-End Memory From V-Color!

[Press Release] Like its previous memory kits, V-Color’s latest addition to the market, the Manta XFinity DDR5, boasts incredible speeds and unmatched reliability.

V-Color XFinity DDR5

Above all else, the company has prioritized speed and performance. Because of this approach, the Manta XFinity memory kits offer speeds as high as 8400MHz, XMP 3.0 support, and capacities of up to 96GB(2x48GB).

This focus makes the memory suitable for the latest and greatest gaming PCs, with V-Color using Intel 14th-generation CPUs and the Z790 platforms for testing. Adding to this performance, the memory ships with an enhanced heatsink for optimized cooling.

This helps produce a reduction in temperatures by around 40%. At the same time, the Manta XFinity DDR5 also contributes to environmental preservation through lead-free spray paint.

V-Color XFinity DDR5

These elements come together in a package bolstered by vibrant RGB lighting, with the memory offering 16 LEDs for smooth and customizable lighting.

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