These ChatGPT Plugins Have Skyrocketed My Productivity

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  • ChatGPT plugins are a great tool for improving productivity and have automated (or otherwise sped up) a variety of my tasks. 
  • My favorite productivity-boosting plugins are PromptPerfect, Wolfram, BrowserPilot, World News, and Kayak.

Since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence, emerging as a powerful chatbot that can perform a variety of tasks for you with a single prompt. Plugins for ChatGPT take things further and offer improved capabilities, and today, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite plugins that have made life easier for me.

About ChatGPT PlugIns

Plugins for ChatGPT were launched in 2023, and these are basically integrations for the chatbot that increase its functionality, allowing it to perform tasks that were otherwise not possible. With these plugins, ChatGPT becomes more than just a chatbot; it can perform tasks like image and slide creation or text-to-audio conversions. It’s worth noting that in order to use ChatGPT plugins, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber. 

With all that being said, here are the ChatGPT plugins that have boosted my productivity:


Since the first time I used ChatGPT, my main problem has been ChatGPT misinterpreting my prompts. This often led me to ask for multiple prompts before I finally got the perfect response. I’m sure you have been faced with the same scenario and found it as frustrating as I did. 

PromptPerfect fixed that problem for me: it improves your prompts so that ChatGPT really understands what you’re trying to tell it. It’s the plugin that I recommend you install as soon as you buy a ChatGPT Plus subscription – an essential not just for productivity freaks like me but for every ChatGPT user.


As a student, my need for an efficient tool to help solve science-related problems is endless. And that’s where Wolfram has been an incredibly important tool for me, as it helped me by providing step-by-step solutions to math problems. Not just that, its large database on society and culture has been helpful to me in researching for assignments and presentations. 

Wolfram provides a lot more than what I just described, though, and is capable of solving your physics, computation, or chemistry-based problems. It also has a dedicated section of tools that can help you in your every day tasks, like travel and finance. 


BrowserPilot is a web-searching tool that has become my primary search engine. It enables real-time web searching through Bing’s database and gives accurate results, meaning I never have to scroll deep to find what I’m looking for. I also really like that it summarizes the web pages because it’s really handy when I’m in a rush. 

World News

I like to stay up-to-date regarding world events, and the World News GPT plugin is a great tool for that. It’s more convenient than a Google search because it effectively summarizes headlines and saves me heaps of time. It also can translate the content if it’s not in your desired language. 

While ChatGPT’s database is limited to events up to 2021, this plugin bypasses that, which is capable of bringing you the latest news from sources across the internet. 


Kayak has become my full-time traveling assistant. The plugin integrates the search engine from Kayak and recommends the best accommodations according to your budget and travel dates, and even suggests places to visit based on your interests. I can swiftly compare prices between hotels, flights, and even car rentals.

Kayak ChatGPT plugin
Using the Kayak plugin to plan a trip (Image by Tech4Gamers)

Normally, I would have to do all of that separately using different sources/apps, but this plugin allows me to plan my travels all in one place! 


ChatGPT plugins are a great way to boost the chatbot’s capabilities. From getting all the news headlines to helping me out with my assignments, these plugins have really improved my work efficiency because now I can get everything done from just a single place.

Plus, the plugins I’ve shared with you today are just the tip of the iceberg regarding how ChatGPT can increase your productivity.

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