The Joys of Co-op: Why We Love Playing Games With Friends

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Co-op gaming is a fun way of socializing and gaming at the same time. Keep reading to find out why we love co-op gaming.

Story Highlights
  • Co-op gaming is a good solution to boredom and loneliness at the same time. 
  • Co-op games help you improve communication and teach you how to be a good team player. 
  • Joining co-op gaming communities gets you access to like-minded gamers across the globe with a shared interest. 

The only thing better than relaxing at the end of the day while crushing through the levels of your favorite game is to do it with your friends. Co-op games have brought us enormous joy that solo gaming just can not. 

Co-op gaming has been a huge part of my life since the Xbox 360 days of playing Left 4 Dead and other split-screen games. Of course, the implementation has changed and we don’t get split-screen games anymore but the core concept remains unchanged.

Hell Divers 2 lobby
Hell Divers 2 lobby (image via Steam)

I don’t know about you guys, but my day is not completed until I spend a couple of hours cruising through various intergalactic levels of Hell Divers 2 with my squad. Co-op gaming has become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Why We Love Co-op Games

There are a plethora of reasons why one might enjoy spending their time playing co-op games. Down below, I will mention some of them.

Social Interaction

The pinnacle of co-op gaming is the social aspect of it. Players get to engage and interact with new people across the globe with similar interests without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

It also helps introverted gamers to make new friends who would struggle to achieve that in real life. Meanwhile, sitting behind a screen they would have a better chance of socializing successfully.

Skill Development

Playing a co-op game helps you learn skills faster compared to playing solo because you will have a team of people around you with the same objective and you can always learn new tactics and skills from them.

Skill Development using Aim Lab (Image via Tech4gamers)
Skill Development using Aim Lab (Image via Tech4gamers)

Of course, not everyone in your team will be a better player than you, but as the saying goes, you can always learn something new from someone.

Increased Engagement

Co-op gaming can often be an engaging and immersive experience compared to a single-player story-based title or a multiplayer shooter.

Players are often required to team up and work together to achieve a common goal and prefer the collective interest of the team above theirs.

Support and Encouragement

Unfortunately, for some gamers, the only source of support they have is other gamers. Co-op games have supportive communities that you can join to find like-minded gamers.

Doing so and playing with them would land you great encouragement and support that would not only help you get better at the game but also create a positive environment for the rest of the gamers who need similar encouragement.

Enhanced Communication Skills

If you need to work on your communication skills, then co-op gaming could be a good start. In these games, communication is the key.

Apex Legends Communication Wheel (Image via Tech4gamers)
Apex Legends Communication Wheel (Image via Tech4gamers)

You can’t complete some of these games without being good at communication, since these games make you stay in contact with your teammates to be able to complete the objectives.

Diverse Perspectives

Co-op games allow you to broaden your vision by looking at the different perspectives of your teammates. This also teaches players how to tolerate differences of opinion and find a middle ground.

Players are often required to discuss a strategy beforehand that would cater to each playing style and complete the objective while ensuring everyone has a good time.


Co-op gaming teaches you how to be a better team player. The way to excel at these games is by playing them as a team since these games force you to prioritize the team’s collective interest over your one.

Valorant Lobby (image via Tech4gamers)
Valorant Lobby (image via Tech4gamers)

The ability to work effectively as a team player will always come in handy in life as well since you are required to do that in almost every organization.

Shared Experiences

Lastly, nothing brings a group of people together better than a shared experience. This applies to the people who served together in the forces, as well as gamers who shared the experience of gaming.

These shared moments also strengthen the bond between gamers fostering a positive experience for the entire community.

My Final Thoughts

Co-op gaming is an excellent way of having a relaxed and immersive gaming experience and making new friends along the way. It also enables introverted gamers to step out of their shells and interact with new people.

Co-op gaming also gets you into a network of gamers who share similar interests, making it easier for you to socialize and expand your circle. 

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