The Division Heartland Rating Hints At Early 2024 Launch

Free-to-Play Survival Shooter From Ubisoft!

Story Highlights
  • The Division Heartland was announced over two years ago.
  • The game was recently rated in Taiwan, suggesting a release date could be revealed soon.
  • This spin-off has been rated for PC, the current and last-generation consoles. 

Ubisoft is expanding The Division IP with various new games. Apart from The Division 3, The Division Heartland, a free-to-play shooter, was announced in March 2021.

This game aims to offer a free-to-play spin on the IP based on the survival shooter genre. However, Ubisoft has already delayed it multiple times, with no release date in sight until recently.

The Division Heartland has been rated in Taiwan.

Why it matters: While the anticipation was high for this spin-off, various delays have led to concerns from fans.

As noted by Kurakasis, The Division Heartland was rated in Taiwan nearly two weeks ago. The Taiwanese board rated the game for PC, last-gen consoles, and current-gen consoles.

These ratings are typically issued when a game is close to its release, approximately two to three months before launch. Therefore, Ubisoft may be preparing for an announcement soon.

The official website of The Division Heartland suggests various PC tests are expected shortly. An open beta could also be planned ahead of the full launch since playtesters have been providing feedback for over a year already.

A few images of the game were also leaked last year, hinting that plenty of progress has been made already.

YouTube video


Still, it should be noted that such ratings are not always accurate and can be issued months in advance on certain occasions. As such, it would be best to keep expectations low.

Interestingly, Ubisoft’s recent quarterly financial report did not mention The Division Heartland. Therefore, the studio might not be ready to release it before April 2024.

Set in the rural American Midwest, this free-to-play shooter will come with the DNA of its predecessors. However, Ubisoft hopes to emphasize the PvPvE aspects with this spin-off.

As part of the survival shooter genre, The Division fans will immediately recall the Dark Zone when looking at this spin-off, making it an interesting entry for the IP.

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