TeamGroup Releases X1 MAX USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 Flash Drive With 1TB Storage

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Supports Both Type-A And Type-C Interfaces!

[Press Release] TeamGroup has come up with a new flash drive dubbed the X1 MAX USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 as it continues to produce a diverse range of storage options. This flash drive combines a professional look with blazing-fast performance.

Equipped with a total of 1TB storage, the X1 MAX is ready to meet all your storage needs. It also offers read/write speeds as high as 1,000 MB/s. However, this is not all. TeamGroup has ensured maximum compatibility across various devices.

This flash drive offers support for both Type-A and Type-C devices. Users can, therefore, switch between PCs, laptops, and even smartphones when using the X1 MAX. Portability is yet another strong suit of this flash drive.

TeamGroup X1 Max
TeamGroup’s Latest Flash Drive Makes No Compromises

Measuring just 6.3cm, it can be carried anywhere without much thought. Moreover, the aluminum alloy finish gives it a more appealing look.

Launching in early July, the X1 MAX will come with five years of warranty. Users should be able to buy it through Amazon and Newegg in North America, with more details coming up soon.

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