TEAMGROUP Reveals The T-Force Siren GA360 AIO Liquid Cooler

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With modern gaming PCs aiming for maximum performance, cooling is an essential part of any PC build. Recent processors from Intel and AMD are pushing the limits of performance, which requires adequate cooling for the best results.

TEAMGROUP’s latest product, the T-Force Siren GA360 AIO Liquid Cooler has been created to allow modern CPUs to perform efficiently, keeping them cool at all times.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 AIO Liquid Cooler The AIO Liquid Cooler marks TEAMGROUP’s first collaboration with ASETEK Designworks. It utilizes the 7th gen ASETEK V2 pump and smart control PWM technology for excellent results.

The cooler is also highly efficient, resulting in lower power consumption without any compromises to performance. Therefore, the T-Force Siren GA360 AIO is a perfect match for modern AMD and Intel processors.

TEAMGROUP has also ensured that fans of RGB effects will not be disappointed. In addition to various options, the AIO cooler supports multiple lighting control software for customizability.

Furthermore, the AIO liquid cooler is designed with the environment in mind. It comes in recyclable packaging and is RoHS-compliant. Its latest generation pump motor also ensures a greener environment without any impact on performance.

The T-Force Siren GA360 AIO will be on sale in July. North American users will be available to purchase the cooler from Amazon, and those looking to learn more about the product can head to the official TEAMGROUP website.

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