TeamGroup Reached New Heights At Computex 2024

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A Huge Lineup Of Products Coming From TeamGroup!

[Press Release] TeamGroup is heading to Computex 2024 with a focus on artificial intelligence. The manufacturer is set to unveil various products next month under the theme “Elevate Gaming, Empower AI.”

TeamGroup Boasts Incredible Performance For Its Latest Memory

T-Force XTREEM DDR5 OC Desktop Memory

First up on the list are two brand-new versions of the T-Force XTREEM DDR5 memory. Now available in Fuji White and Diamond Rose colors, the memory modules continue to push up to 10,000 MHz speed.

Other notable features of the T-Force XTREEM lineup include 2mm thick aluminum alloy fin heat sinks and special heat-conductive silicon. These additions equip the memory with adequate cooling and an elegant look.

TeamGroup T-Force GE Pro GEN 5 PCIe NVMe SSD
The T-Force GE Pro GEN 5 Offers Unparalleled Sequential Read And Write Speeds

GE PRO Gen 5  SSD / T-FORCE DARK AirFlow 5

The T-Force GE PRO PCIe 5.0 M.2 NVMe SSD boasts read and write speeds of 14,000 MB/s and 11,800 MB/s, respectively. For optimal results, it can also be paired with the T-Force Dark AirFow 5 cooler.

This cooler is equipped with a pure copper 3D VC structure and multi-layer aluminum alloy heat dissipation fins. Therefore, it helps keep the high-performance GE PRO SSD cool under all conditions, marking a major step toward TeamGroup’s commitment to elevating gaming.

TeamGroup T-Create Expert AI CKD Memory Module
The T-Create Lineup Is Expanding With AI Products


TeamGroup hopes to stay at the forefront of the AI revolution. This ambition has resulted in the T-Create AI series, which will be debuted at Computex 2024. The T-Create Expert AI CKD DDR5 memory meets all the requirements for AI professionals seeking high-frequency and reliable memory.

The T-Create Expert AI kits offer 7,200 MHz frequency and up to 48 GB(2×24 GB) capacity, as well as new client clock driver components to output high-frequency signals steadily.

TeamGroup T-Create Expert AI CAMM 2 DDR5 Memory
The T-Create Expert AI CAMM 2 Offers Impressive Performance For Laptops

T-Create Expert AI CAMM2

The T-Create Expert AI CAMM2 is designed specifically for AI-based laptops using LPDDR5X chips. With a maximum capacity of up to 64 GB, a frequency of up to 7,500 MHz(32GB variant), and more, this memory meets the needs of modern AI-based workloads.

It also offers the same features that TeamGroup offers in its other memory modules, including a patented heat sink, a balanced cooling setup, and more.

TeamGroup T-Create 154 AI Gen 5 M.2 PCIe SSD
The T-Create 154 AI Can Automatically Adjust Its Performance

T-Create 154 AI Gen 5 SSD

The T-Create 154 AI SSD marks yet another upcoming product from TeamGroup tailored to the needs of AI professionals. Thanks to PCIe 5.0 bandwidth and a low latency design, access times are cut by nearly 50% compared to PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

Another notable feature of the SSD is AI thermal regulation, which automatically adjusts performance based on the temperature to keep the SSD cool and running at optimal speeds.

TeamGroup T-Create CinemaPR
The T-Create CinemaPr Lineup Was Shown Off At Computex 2024

T-Create CinemaPr P31

The T-Create CinemaPr P31 external SSD best suits professional photographers and videographers. It offers a seamless solution to expand storage through a USB Type-C interface.

TeamGroup’s 12-screw-hole design also makes the SSD easy to carry around. Meanwhile, maximum transfer speeds of up to 2,000 MB/s make it more appealing for all professionals.

TeamGroup CinemaPr R41 CFexpress 4.0
The CinemaPr R41 Card Reader Offers Unparalleled Versatility

T-Create CinemaPr R41

As another product for professional photographers, the CinemaPr R41 CFexpress 4.0 Type B card reader offers an alternative solution to those looking to expand their storage on the go.

With up to 4,000 MB/s speeds through the USB 4 interface, a plug-and-play approach, and a patented mounting mechanism that makes it compatible across professional cages, the CinemaPR R41 is the ultimate creative tool for professionals in this industry.

TeamGroup T-Create CinemaPr P33 SSD
Thanks To MagSafe compatibility, the CinemaPr P33 is A Great Fit For Apple Devices

T-Create CinemaPr P33

The CinemaPr P33 is designed with MagSafe compatibility, offering an external SSD that can record up to 4K 60FPS videos for a whopping 144 minutes in ProRes format.

Thanks to dual USB Type-C ports and a USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 Type-C interface, the T-Create CinemaPr P33 boasts compatibility with Apple devices like the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. With a maximum transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps and storage of 2 TB, the SSD offers seamless transfers for all types of data.

TeamGroup T-Force DRAM
T-Force DDR5 Memory Kits Received Plenty of Attention At Computex 2024

T-Force Delta RGB Eco DDR5 Memory

TeamGroup’s commitment to eco-friendly products is best reflected in the T-Force Delta RGB Eco DDR5 memory. Made out of recycled materials, the memory reduces carbon emissions by over 70%.

The packaging is also FSC-certified to further highlight this commitment.

TeamGroup PD20 Eco Mini External SSD
The Mini SSD Packs A Punch In A Compact Form Factor

PD20 Eco Mini External SSD

This external SSD is yet another product that pushes for environmental friendliness. Made using 75% PCR plastics, it eliminates the usage of over 42,000 plastic bottles after each 100,000 SSD units produced.

This tiny SSD offers up to 4 TB of storage and 1,000 MB per second transfer speeds. All of this comes in a form factor that weighs just 22g.

TeamGroup AI
TeamGroup Featured A Dedicated AI Area For Its Computex 2024 Showings

Industrial CXL 2.0 Server Memory Module

TeamGroup’s interest in the AI segment has led to the creation of the CXL 2.0 memory for high-performance computing. Thanks to high-specification native DDR5 chips, this memory offers optimized transfer efficiency.

It also offers the signature patented graphene heatsink for enhanced performance.

TeamGroup Industrial Ultrawide Temperature Storage Solution
This Series Of Products Targets Temperature-Intensive Scenarios

Industrial Ultra-Wide Temperature Storage

Modern AI computing requires components that can operate at high temperatures. TeamGroup’s ultra-wide temperature storage solution series offers a PCIe Gen 3 M.2 SSD, DDR4 memory, DDR5 memory, and more that can withstand these high temperatures.

When combined with TeamGroup’s patented cooling, this series provides excellent performance all around.

TeamGroup Industrial Worm Secure Encrypted Card
TeamGroup’s Security Solution Provides Enhanced Protection

Industrial Worm Secure Encrypted Card

This D500R memory card offers up to 256 GB of storage and incorporates security keys and hardware encryption systems for both read-only and WORM functions. For more enhanced security, it comes with identification functions for bindings to authorized platforms.


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