Team Ninja Already Working On An Unannounced Game For 2025

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Unannounced Game Coming In 2025!

Team Ninja, the developer behind popular action games like Ninja Gaiden, has recently risen back to popularity after multiple releases in the souls like genre. The Nioh franchise continues to be one of the best takes on FromSoftware’s formula, and the developer has recently released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Following its latest release, Team Ninja has its eyes set on Rise of The Ronin. The game was revealed at a State of Play last year, and the team has been hard at work on the title for over seven years.

This has led to plenty of excitement for the release, but it looks like the developer is already looking ahead. In a recent interview, Fumihiko Yasuda revealed that Team Ninja wants to release a new title in 2025. He said:

“I feel like I want to release a new title in 2025. I wish I could talk about it.”

Rise of The Ronin

Rise of The Ronin is scheduled for a 2024 release. However, as mentioned earlier, it has been in development for a while now. This should mean that the unannounced game has seen a similar development period in order to be ready for a 2025 release window.

Furthermore, Team Ninja might not be working on iconic franchises like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden. When asked about recent rumors surrounding the franchise, Fumihiko Yasuda stated:

“It was a misunderstanding. I was just saying that I thought it was important as a series work. So I can’t talk about specifics, but if the time comes, I’d like to tell you.”

The developer could potentially revisit the popular Nioh franchise. Nioh has a solid foundation established and polished over two games. A new entry would seem like an obvious choice, but the developer has been known to surprise fans with new announcements.

Team Ninja’s latest release also draws some inspiration from Nioh, although it offers unique mechanics to keep players engaged and excited. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has seen positive reviews, becoming the developer’s most successful PC release.

This could mean a potential sequel to the new IP might not be off the table either.

Going by its history, Team Ninja will likely continue to impress gaming audiences with its future games. For now, fans can look forward to Rise of The Ronin as they wait for more details about the unannounced game scheduled for 2025.

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